How to Unbrick LG G4 With LG Flash Tool & Back To Stock

Unbrick LG G4 With LG Flash Tool & Back To Stock
Written by Dibyajyoti Kabi

Jun 10, 2017 – In this guide, you will learn a safe method to Unbrick LG G4 With LG Flash Tool & return Back to Stock ROM / Firmware.Using this method you can Unbrick / Fix boot loop of your LG G4.You only need a PC and LG Flash tool.Don’t worry we will provide download links and full guide on How to Unbrick LG G4 With LG Flash Tool

LG G4 is one of the most popular Flagship phones of 2015.This LG device is loved by most of the tech lovers & there are many people who are using this beast as their daily driver.

When you bricked your device or stuck at boot (Boot loop), at the time the best way to fix this by Flashing the Stock ROM / Firmware on your device.You can do it by the help of Flashing tools.In this case, we will be using Lg’s LG Flash tool.Follow the detailed guide below to safely Unbrick LG G4 With LG Flash Tool & Back To Stock

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*Make sure there is at least 50% battery left on your smartphone before begin this process

How to Safely Unbrick LG G4 With LG Flash Tool & Back To Stock


rootmygalaxy.net will not be held responsible for any kind of damage occurred to your LG G4 while following this tutorial.Do it at your own risk.


  • LG USB drivers should be installed on your PC link–>>LG Drivers
  • This is Only For LG G4 Models (LG G4 H815, LG G4 T-Mobile H811, LG G4 US Cellular US991, LG G4 VS986)

→ Manually Unbrick LG G4 With LG Flash Tool & Flash Back To Stock


Download Latest LG USB Drivers On Your Windows or Mac

Download the stock Firmware .tot/.kdz file link below

Download LG G4 Stock Firmware For all Models

Download the latest version check here for the latest (Download the Right Firmware according to your model Number)

Download the LG Flash tool (Download the 2014 version)

Unbrick LG G4 With LG Flash Tool & Back To Stock

Step By Step Guide

Unbrick LG G4 With LG Flash Tool & Back To Stock

→If you are using the latest LGUP 2016 then follow this guide to Install the Stock Firmware (KDZ) >How To Flash / Install LG Stock Firmware (ROMs) With LGUP Flash Tool

There is a new Updated Guide posted in Xda Forums by  hyelton, Check Out the Full Post  here (2nd Post)

If you have any question related to this post, feel free to leave that in the comment section below.

About the author

Dibyajyoti Kabi

Dibyajyoti an Android enthusiast, a tech-blogger and an avid reader.He is graduated in B.tech.He is the founder and chief editor in rootmygalaxy.net

  • Craig

    Thank you for this guide. I followed the instructions to a “T”, and everything completed as expected however I am still stuck at the T-Mobile white screen. Any advice is appreciated.

  • Al

    I did everything as well according to your guide and I am still stuck on the LG boot screen. The phone is still stuck in a bootloop.

    • Do a factory reset.
      I have updated a link to the Official Xda Post.There is a new Guide.You should check out that.

  • Gabe

    I am here because I want to save my data from prior to the bootloop. Things like my pictures videos documents and music that are on my hard drive. Will all of this be deleted using this process? I remember even though you factory reset on some phones, the data on your hard drive will still remain available unless you choose to do a complete wipe.

    • I recommend taking a backup of your data because everything will be wiped

  • Dolar

    does this really works ? pls tell me i m about to do it.

    • It worked when we tested.There is a link to the latest guide from Xda.You should check out that one.

  • Reynaldo Puerto

    How do I know which version of the H815 do I have in the “Download LG G4 Stock Firmware For all Models”?

    • Supported models are listed.Yeah it is for H815

  • Faiq Alvi

    my LG G4 is not entering Firmware Download mode 🙁

  • Doug

    Thank you for the assistance, I am really hoping it works – one question however: It appears that you recommend the 2014 LGUP, but one can use the 2016 version and you have a link to those instructions. What would be the advantage to the 2016? For what it’s worth, I obtained my G4 (VS986 – Verizon) about 6 months ago, and I really only want to unbrick in order to recover data, photos, etc. Thank you very much –

  • Luke

    Every time i try to flash it there is an error which prevents the rest of the flashing

  • Conqueror

    will this delete all data on my device?

    • Ângelo Paulino

      sure will. You should probably back it up before you try it.

  • Boua Lem

    i have LG G4 T-Mobile onedays i was using it then suddenly the phone cursed i want to turn it off but the phone wont so i removed the battery but when i want to turned on the phone wont start so i take to the phone fixer in my country he said to me he need to get flashed but no one have this flash
    is this guide gonna help me plz guys i need help cuz i love this phone and i dont have moeny to buy another one 🙁 and thanx
    sorry for my english btw

  • Ahsan Sagheer


  • cleitos kk

    Good friend I have a lg g4 sprint 991 and the pc is dead only recognize it in qhsusb_bulk with these programs I can revive it your response

  • TEo

    Did the trick few months ago, downgraded even disabled 2 big cores and worked great till now. Now started boot looping again, but this time can`t get even to download mode, it shows is loading download mode but restarts on and on, or when factory reset restarts when upgrading apps..any ideea?

  • Abbhishek Kumar

    i have LG G4 and its not getting switched on .. only LG logo is coming up ? should i install LG Flash tool to fix it ?

  • Equi Tube

    You do know that this is a hardware issue. Flashing firmware won’t fix it on most. LG repaired these under warranty but now there is a huge lawsuit over these.

  • Shane I Rep Christ

    doesn’t work for me.. seems like a hardware issue… i tried everything.

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