Unbrick ZTE Axon 7

Unbrick ZTE Axon 7: Many of the users nowadays like to root, install the custom recovery on their Android device to get more out of the device. However, some of the ROMS, rooting processes are not secure enough. The insecure process may brick your device. Bricked device may be no longer able to boot properly. But luckily most of the bricked devices can be unbricked. So in this article, we will guide you how to unbrick  ZTE Axon 7 by Flashing Official Firmware in EDL Mode.

When we try to access the root on our device, sometimes we may end up having bricked device which no longer starts properly or gets stuck in boot screen or boot loop or it won’t turn on completely. This is the very common issue for every Android smartphone, but it can be fixed easily. If you have access to Emergency Download Mode (EDL) and have the right firmware, you can restore your device.