Updated On October 18, 2017: In this step by step guide, you will learn How To safely Unlock Bootloader On Huawei Devices.This guide is applicable for any Huawei devices.It is a very simple and easy process.Just follow the given steps carefully to Unlock Bootloader On Any Huawei Devices

Unlocking the Bootloader Of any android device is the first thing to do if you want to root your device or want to install custom ROM.You can Flash modified system, boot, kernel, custom recovery(TWRP/CWM) or other .img files on your device.

Unlocking Bootloader is now a very simple process.Companies like Sony, Motorola, Huawei and other OEMs officially allow users to unlock the bootloader on their devices. You have to first get a unlock password from the manufacturer Website, then you can easily unlock the bootloader by issuing few ADB & Fastboot command.

Here we will be using a windows computer, so make sure you have one.

Note: Unlocking bootloader will completely wipe your device’s data(Everything like music, photos, videos & apps).So we highly recommend taking backup of your important data.Unlock Bootloader On Huawei Devices


rootmygalaxy.net will not be held responsible for any kind of damage occurred to your Huawei Device while following this tutorial.Do it at your own risk.

Important & Pre-Requirements

*Make sure there is at least 60% battery left on your smartphone before begin started this process

→ Unlock Bootloader On Huawei Devices

How To Unlock Bootloader On Huawei Devices

Step By Step Guide

→ First read the Pre-Requirement section carefully.

  • First Open the Huawei Bootloader Unlock request page on your Computer then login to your account.(register if you don’t have an account)
  • Agree to the terms and condition and click  Next button. (read carefully)
  • On the next page, provide the required information about your device and hit Submit button.
  • If everything is correct, you’ll get a unique 16-digit bootloader unlock password for your device.
  • Now connect your Huawei device to the PC with a USB cable.(Give it required permission)
  • Boot your Huawei device into bootloader mode using the following command:
adb reboot bootloader

└ If your device doesn’t boot into bootloader mode, then disable Fastboot function from your device’s Settings.

  • Once your device is in bootloader mode, issue the following command to unlock bootloader:
fastboot oem unlock your-unlock-password

Replace the unlock Code with the Red text

  • The bootloader unlocking process will start automatically.
  • Once the process is finished, your device will reboot.

→ If you have any question related to this post then feel free to leave that in the comment section below.

  • alangastic enrikez

    hello tanks for the information. but i have a question
    This process invalidates the warranty ?

    • Unlocking bootloader will void warranty

  • Jan

    Hi.I have an huawei p8.I tried kingroot and luckily rooted it by one click.Now i cant replace it with superSu and i also cant uninstall the kingroot ( unroot it ) because its not a 100% root.Titanium back and so on works.but many apps cant work properly as a file (or many files ) are still read only.So it for sure needs to be rooted in a proper way.My question is,how come i could root it without asking for Bootloader unlock? do i still need it? how long do huawei take to send me the code? i have sent them an email today with the requirements.Thanks in advance

  • asad ch

    “‘Boot your Huawei device into bootloader mode using the following comman'”…I m stuck at this point I am facing problem in booting my devic into bootloader mode

    • asad ch

      there is an error saying device not found

      • Make sure all the important drivers are installed on your PC

    • Disable Fastboot function from your device’s Settings

  • alon12131415

    抱歉,服务器繁忙……We’re sorry but the server is busy…服务器繁忙(6)。


  • Jan

    HI.Today i have got my Bootloader Code.I want to follow ur instuctions and boot my Huawei p8 (Marshmallow ) GRA-L9 ( hope this method works for the my mobile) BUT before starting i want to ask a question.How to boot my device in Bootloader mode? Hope for a quick reply.Thanks in advance

    • All steps are given in the guide
      Here is the command
      adb reboot bootloader

  • Laurenz Brunner

    I can’t login “Sorry, no support for the European user login.”

  • kamil679

    I’m stuck on “Invalid Key, unlock fail”..


  • Di Luigi

    I try to get my code, but every time I check their website, the verification code doesn’t show up. It’s just a white frame.

  • Κωνσταντίνος Κ.

    remote: Command not allowed

    Damn can’t unlock this friends P9, he forget the security pin and doesn’t know his e-mail details ahhahah

    Guess he’s out of luck, I tried

  • DaBadGuyCR

    I keep getting stuck on waiting for device after I enter the code.

  • Ban Saada

    iv connected my phone (p9) to my pc, then what?

  • Sheikh Rohan

    Unlock Bootloader on all huawei devices [Easiest method]


  • AR Gaming

    is it safe

  • Ziad Kabir Saif

    I cant getting bootloader code. Can you help me please

  • Ziad Kabir Saif

    I can’t getting the bootloader unlock code though I have filled all the information. Can you help me to get it?

    • Please send us more info which will help us to know the issue better

      • Ziad Kabir Saif

        It showing me location problem. Can you send me unlock code. Maybe it works in your location. I will mail you Imei & the other things. Help me please

      • Luke

        Dibyajyot please tell me how to disable fast boot function in settings I just can’t find it.

        • Luke

          I already have the unlock code

      • Adam Daoud

        DibyajyotI’ve the same problem .. I”m sûre for all my informations were correct but .. stillll refused to get my unlock code 🙁 have you find any solution now ?

  • Jarrod Tanner

    I have tried numerous times with my huawei Y360-U03 which dosent need a bootloader unlock code. Every I go and try and unlock the bootloader I give it 30+ minutes and it hasn’t done anything. Please help me

  • Lukas Voj.

    When I click on ”Huawei Bootloader Unlock request page” and I log in , it throws me back at homepage http://emui.huawei.com/en/

    • 中野-月の現状クリック

      Same here.

  • Will the device do a factory reset as I unlock the bootloader?

  • SB

    Tried this and got it to work.. seems Macs need ./ added for all terminal entries. So for example: fastboot oem unlock CODE NUMBER becomes ./fastboot oem unlock CODE NUMBER etc, etc

  • Nichole Thomason

    so USA cannot get an unlocked bootloader?

  • Madelyn Gold

    i think you’re my last resort. logged in to huawei to unlock bootloader. got an error msg asking if i entered the imei or meid and security code correctly. sent them an email with the following response

    Dear Maddy,

    We widely appreciate your preference and we thank you for contacting us.

    We do apologize for the inconvenient, however Huawei does not provide codes to unlock the bootloader. We kindly inform you that this action can potentially “brick” the phone or in other words,

    renders the phone completely unusable and voids the warranty service and device support. We have

    no control over how unlocking the bootloader will affect your device.

    We hope you find this information useful.

    We remain at your service.

    Kind Regards.

    Please do not reply directly to this message, in case you have further questions, please re-send your

    information to “[email protected]

    The phone is locked to bell canada.

    Can you please help me sim unlock the phone?

    Last saved 4 minutes ago

  • Marcus Mortensen Jensen


  • Evan Spears

    Help, Im stuck!!!
    My phone isnt detecting in hisuite, and the adb commands arent working. When I plug the phone in, it recognizes it as an h1611 orrectly, itll let me browse files like normal, but i cant get the boot unlocker finished. Im assuming I type te adb commands in the command prompt. When I type the “adb reboot bootloader” command a window flashes for a second then goes away with no change in anything. When I type in the “fastboot oem unlock 9513960109391222” it just says waiting for device. I have the usb debugging enabled, and i tried what the hisuite said and turn on the “allow hdb” in privacy settings. Still its remains unrecognized in hisuite, and appears to do nothing at the command prompt.
    Thanks in advance!

  • James Jones

    where do we type the commands? like what root folder do i have to be in if it’s through the command prompt?

    • Optimer

      If you are talking about command prompt then you have to be in the directory where you have installed ADB.