In this guide, you will learn How To Unroot & Return Back To Stock ROM Htc Desire 816.You can fix soft bricked Htc Desire 816 and return back to stock Firmware / ROM following this guide.The procedure is very simple and easy.Just Follow every step carefully to revert back to stock firmware on Htc Desire 816 With the Latest RUU easily.

Htc Desire 816 is a mid-range device from Htc.As its an 1.5-year-old device, there are many developments happening around it.There are many Custom ROMs & Kernel available for the device.If you have a rooted Htc Desire 816 and now you want to unroot it or just want to return to the stock Htc Sense Firmware, then you are at the right place

Following this Guide, you can Safely Restore Stock Firmware On HTC Desire 816, but remember this will also lock your bootloader and flash the stock recovery on your device.You can also Fix boot loop and soft bricked Htc Desire 816.

→ How To Unroot & Return To Stock ROM Htc Desire 816


*Make sure there is at least 50% battery left on your smartphone before beginning this process

Full Guide To Safely Unroot & Return To Stock ROM Htc Desire 816

Warning: will not be held responsible for any kind of damage occurred to your Htc Desire 816 while following this tutorial.Do it at your own risk.


  • Install Htc USB Drivers On your Pc.Download Link
  • This is Only For HTC Desire 816.Only, so don’t try on other devices
  •  Bootloader Must be unlocked.Guide link is given above
  • Enable developer option.To Do So Go to Setting–>>About Phone–>>Build number–>>Tap 7 times.Now return back to the main setting you can find the developer option there.
  • Open Settings> Developer options and enable USB Debugging on your device

→ Manually Unroot & Return To Stock ROM Htc Desire 816 With the Latest RUU


Download the stock RUU ROM For Htc Desire 816 here.
– do not extract the ROM zip file

Fastboot & ADB > Quickest Way To Install Android ADB and Fastboot (with drivers) on Windows

How To Unroot & Return To Stock ROM Htc Desire 816

Step By Step Guide

Unroot & Return Back To Stock ROM Htc Desire 816

  1. Download the RUU File from the download section above
  2. Now Open Command prompt from the Fastboot folder.(Hold Shift and right-click inside the Fastboot folder where it’s an empty white area and choose to open the command prompt window from the menu)
  3. Now connect your device to the PC via USB
  4. Type the following command in the command prompt:
    adb reboot fastboot
  5. Wait for the device to boot up in fastboot mode. (if you have installed Htc USB drivers and fast boot then it will)
  6. Type your next command:
    fastboot oem lock
  7. Now your device’s bootloader is locked up. Now it’s time to flash your stock ROM.
  8. Unplug the Desire 816 from the computer and reconnect it; you might need to re-enable the USB Debugging Mode.
  9. Then type this command in command prompt:
    adb reboot fastboot
  10. Wait for the Desire 816 to reboot back in fastboot mode.
  11. Now issue the following command:
    fastboot flash zip

    – change the “filename” part of the code with the real file name of your ROM zip file.

  12. The command prompt will now flash that stock ROM back on your HTC Desire 816 device
  13. Done!!! Now you have an Unrooted, bootloader locked Htc Desire 816 running stock Firmware.

If you have any questions related to this post, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

  • Biplab Ghosh

    My HTC is stuck at boot screen.
    I didnot root it .. I guess it has some software problem.
    so wanted to reinstall stock rom.
    tried this method, but it failed saying
    bootloader checking…
    remote signature verify fail.

    so i downloaded anther RUU .. and this time it failed saying
    data length is too large.

    i dunno what to do anymore.

    the HBOOT code os the device is
    HBOOT 3.19.0 OS 2.34.720.1

    please help

    • Bro if this is not working in your case then please check this discussion >
      This may help you 🙂

      • Biplab Ghosh

        i downloaded from that site, but while extracting the file said its corrupted

        • Did you try the simple method?
          1)download the stock firmware Zip file.
          2)connect your device to PC
          3)Make sure your device is recognised by PC
          4)Open Command window from ADB & fastboot Folder (make
          sure you have installed ABD & Fastboot on Your PC)
          5) issue these commands one after another
          fastboot devices
          fastboot oem rebootRUU
          fastboot flash zip
          fastboot reboot

          • Biplab Ghosh

            yes exactly that is what i did.
            and then got the errors that i mentioned.

          • We currently don’t have the device.So I can’t try it myself.I recommend you to go that GSMhosting discussion and ask them as they have the device and they are active.Please mentioned all the errors there.They may help you.

          • Biplab Ghosh

            Ohk thanks .. i’ll try that.

          • You are welcome 🙂

  • 王建智

    After download for ADB drivers, I have finished the installation but cannot find the Folder…

    • It will be present inside the c folder search for ADB

  • Bilal Ahmed Qureshi

    I followed the same instructions but failed at last and the error is
    FAILED …

  • Alwin Paul

    Hi Dibyajyot,

    I was unable to perform the below step, not sure why. I guess I have the HTC USB drivers but the strange part is that it doesn’t gets detected HTC Sync Manager.

    When I perform the 4th step, it restarts the device.

    4. Type the following command in the command prompt:

    adb reboot fastboot

    Wait for the device to boot up in fastboot mode. (if you have installed Htc USB drivers and fast boot then it will)

    • Alwin Paul

      So, in order to bypass this step I restarted the phone in fastboot mode and performed the 6th step. This is the result I got

      C:adb>adb reboot fastboot
      adb server is out of date. killing…
      * daemon started successfully *

      C:adb>fastboot oem lock

      (bootloader) [PGFS] partition_update_pgfs: pg1fs_security
      (bootloader) TZ_HTC_SVC_ENC ret = 0
      (bootloader) [PGFS] partition_update_pgfs: pg2fs_sec_recovery
      (bootloader) Lock successfully…
      (bootloader) TZ_HTC_SVC_DISABLE ret = 536739196 (0x1FFDFD7C)
      (bootloader) WARM RESET: 9
      (bootloader) [INFO] Rebooting device
      FAILED (status read failed (No such file or directory))
      finished. total time: 1.109s

      • Alwin Paul

        It seems it locked the device but now its not rebooting. Should I unlock it or any suggestions ?