YoShop, the famous E-commerce website popular for giving the best deals on the various products especially the products from popular Chinese brands like Xiaomi and OnePlus have a new ongoing sale on their website now which is termed as the Xiaomi promotional Flash sale. The best thing about the sale is that there are multiple products from various categories from Xiaomi like Vacuum cleaners, smartphones, and earbuds etc. and the discount on the products is up to 70% off which makes it a deal which should not be missed. Here we are listing all the products that have been available on YoShop which have a huge ongoing discount.

The YoShop’s Xiaomi promotional Flash Sale has 5 categories 1) Best Sellers 2) Earbud Headphones 3) Cell Phones 4)  Routers/Power Banks 5). Others.Below we have shared some of the products from the great Xiaomi promotional flash sale.

If you are looking for some gadgets like Smartphones or headphones, this is the perfect time to get these as most of the products are in YoShop’s Xiaomi promotional Flash Sale are 70% cheaper.

Products Lists – YoShop’s Xiaomi Promotional Flash Sale (Upto 70% Off)

Best Sellers

Best Seller - YoShop's Xiaomi promotional Flash Sale

First of all, the website has the Xiaomi USB Type-C to USB 2.0 cable which is available on YoShop for a price of $3.99 which is 69% off the original price of the cable. Also, there is an availability of Mi TV is the Xiaomi’s offering for the TVs to power the non-smart TVs with Android. This Mi TV is currently available at a discount of 66% and the price is reduced to $69.99.

There are in-ear Xiaomi Bluetooth Earphones available on the website for a price of $22.99 and Bluetooth Speakers for a price of $11.99 both of which are available for a discount of more than 65%. Apart from these, there are discounts on various products such as Wireless routers such as the Xiaomi Mi 3C which was recently launched by the company. Also, there is the availability of Xiaomi Car Charger which is available for a big discount of up to 70% and it is currently available for a price of $13.99. Other products which are available from YoShop are Xiaomi Huami Smartwatch, Xiaomi Light Bulb as well as Xiaomi laptop also which is available for a price of $864.99 from the original price of $2449.66.

Earbud Headphones

Earbuds - Best Seller - YoShop's Xiaomi promotional Flash Sale

In the earbud category, YoShop offers various options with huge discounts like the Xiaomi Mi Capsule earbuds for a price of $9.99 from the original price of $23.03. Also, there are Xiaomi headphones with built-in mic for active call receiving as well as music listening for a price of $39.99 which is available at a discount of 57%.

Cell Phones

Cell Phones - Best Seller - YoShop's Xiaomi promotional Flash Sale

In the Cell Phones category, the website offers various smartphones like Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 which is the best seller in India from the company for a price of $162.99. Also, other smartphones, as mentioned above include the Xiaomi Mi6 which is the latest flagship smartphone from the company as well as budget offerings like the Redmi 4A and the Redmi 4X. All of these smartphones are available for a discount exceeding 55% on YoShop.

Routers/Power Banks

Routers - Best Seller - YoShop's Xiaomi promotional Flash Sale

The routers and power banks that are available for sale on YoShop include the Xiaomi Mi 3C router which has four antennas and is available for a discount of 47%. The power banks include the Xiaomi 20000 mAh power bank as well as the Xiaomi 10000 mAh power bank. This offers also include the Xiaomi HomePod which was launched by the company last year.


Others - Best Seller - YoShop's Xiaomi promotional Flash Sale

There is an others category on YoShop for this Xiaomi sale which includes products other than smartphones, routers and power banks. This includes home appliances products like light bulbs as well as Xiaomi electronic toothbrush. Other products on sale include the Xiaomi laptop and home security set also.

You can purchase these products from YoShop via the scheduled flash sales that will take place on the website from September 14 to September 24.

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