12 Best Games to Play on Zoom with Friends

During these lockdown days and self-quarantine sessions, most of the people are getting more & more chances to be with their friends, pets, finding quality time for own, etc. But it won’t be continued for a long time. So, people are trying more and more engaging or time spending things to cut off the boring time or to get rid off other negative thoughts. As we’ve already shared the guide on watching Netflix content together on Zoom, we’re here with some more stuff and as the title suggests, we’ve provided 12 best games to play on Zoom with friends that will connect everyone by maintaining social distancing.

As everyone is saying to stay home and stay safe slogan, we’re also working from home and finding ways to at least suggest some of the best games for your smartphone (some for PC). So, you will also find yourself in a comfort zone by staying at home safely. Now, enough talking. Check out all those recommended games below.

12 Best Games to Play on Zoom with Friends

12 Best Games to Play on Zoom with Friends

All of the mentioned games can be played on Zoom with your friends quite easily. Some of them are also available for Windows and iOS platforms except for Android and iOS. So, you can use your computer as well to play those games.

1. Just Dance:

If you’re a dance lover and can’t find a right way or mood in your home to dance like a rookie or with some rhythm or even if you’re not a dance lover but want to refresh your mood, then this game will become very handy for you as well as your friends. You can download Just Dance to your phone or computer.

2. Houseparty:

Houseparty can be downloaded for Android, iOS, Chrome, Mac platforms. Houseparty is a face to face social networking platform that offers video calling feature with quizmaster. You can also use this app/game to connect with your friends like other video calling apps where multiple users can do video call at a time.

3. Karaoke:

As the name suggests, the Karaoke songs offer hundreds of items on YouTube to play and sing in the rhythm. You and your friends can log into Zoom, choose video calling or conference mode, and then start Karaoke on YouTube to show your skills.

4. Jackbox:

It has a bunch of individual games or games packages that you can get at an affordable price tag. You will get drawing games, bluffing games, fill in the blanks, trivia games, and more. You can play Jackbox on your phone, gaming console, and computer.

5. Outlander Tours of Scotland:

It’s a virtual tour guide of Scotland that you can relive all the experiences and moments by staying at your home. It only takes a couple of hours to explain all the journeys online where you will need to join the guide and your friends can only join you via Zoom. That’s it. But you will also need to use Zoom in order to show all of your content to your friends. Check here for more info and booking details.

6. Tabletop Simulator:

If you’re a fan of board games that can be played mostly indoors like chess, cards, dominoes, mah-jongg, and more, then the Tabletop Simulator is for you. You can buy this game for your Windows PC from Steam here.

7. QuizUp:

Now, the name suggests that this quiz competition game will be more interesting than some other trivia games. Here you can easily choose categories from which you want to play a quiz contest along with your group of friends. You can buy this game for iPhone or iPad via App Store.

8. Animal Crossing New Horizons:

This is a life simulation video game launched in 2020 that’s developed & published by Nintendo only for the Nintendo Switch platform. It’s the 5th primary title in the Animal Crossing series. With the multiplayer mode, you and your friends can easily play this simple and beautiful game. Here you will need to make crafts, make friends with animals, explore the island, and more. Buy it from the Nintendo site.

9. Minecraft (Windows/macOS):

Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang that was launched officially in 2011. It was created in the Java programming language and the open-style gameplay offers collecting resources, building different structures, exploring, adventure, and more. You can play Minecraft on the computer, mobile, console, and other devices too. Download Minecraft here.

10. Bingo:

Bingo is one of the simple and easy to use entertaining games that doesn’t require any additional tools or platforms. Just using a website, you can play a traditional game with a virtual caller. Additionally, you can also create your own custom game based on a movie or TV show, etc. Playing this game on Zoom will engage you and your friends for a quite long time.

11. Cards Against Humanity:

If you and all of your Zoom friends are adults then you can play this game. As it’s not possible right now to go out for a night club party, this card game will spend your time quite easily. You can go to this website and set up Zoom. Additionally, you can share the room URL with your friends to join.

12. Pictionary:

You can easily play Pictionary over Zoom with your friends. Just head over to this website and you will be able to generate any number of topics to share with your Zoom friends. Here, either you can draw prompts via the Zoom whiteboard (shared) or you can ask every friend to have their own whiteboard.

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