17 new Huawei devices appeared on Bluetooth SIG and One Xiaomi device listed on MIIT certification

Last year was a great year for all smartphone lovers, we had a variety of devices. This year too many devices have already started making headlines. Huawei and Xiaomi devices are on all across the web. There are many leaks coming in about Xiaomi’s Mi 10 and Huawei’s 40 Pro.

Recently, 17 devices from Huawei/honor have been certified on Bluetooth SIG. The devices have model number ANA-N29 , ANA-L04 , ANA-N09 , ANA-AL00, ANA-TN00 ,ANA-AN00 ,ANA-L29, ELS-AN00,ELS-TN00,ELS-N29,ELS-N04,ELS-N09,ELS-N39,ELP-N39 ,ELS-AN10 & ELP-AN10.

17 new Huawei devices appeared on Bluetooth SIG

There is a Xiaomi device too with model number M2001J11C which has been listed on MIIT certification. Xiaomi is gearing up for the release of their upcoming Xiaomi Mi 10 which is scheduled to take place on February 11.

Xiaomi deveice listed on MIIT certification

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