3 Fascinating Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Technology

When you think of Artificial Intelligence (AI), you may envision a malfunctioning character from a space exploration film that controls a spacecraft’s systems, or a fictional cyborg assassin created by an artificial neural network. While we’re — thankfully — not quite there yet, AI is undoubtedly revolutionizing technology through the concept of Machine Learning (ML).

In broad terms, AI is the concept of intelligent behavior in devices and other types of technology. For example, software that intelligently trades stocks uses AI. Meanwhile, ML is a subset of AI, where machines analyze big data and learn for themselves.

If you use modern software, then AI impacts your life in more ways than you realize.

Cybersecurity Tools

As we become more reliant on technology, cyberthreats against us increase. Hackers, thieves, state-sponsored agents, and pranksters use various tools to attack us, including malware. Here are some of the most common types of malware:

  • Viruses wreak havoc on your computer by deleting critical files and folders
  • Worms use computer networks to rapidly replicate and spread to countless other computers, eating bandwidth and corrupting files along the way
  • Adware tracks your digital footprint, redirects your browser, bombards you with pop-ups, and transmits your data to marketers
  • Spyware like a keylogger is used by people with malicious intent to record your confidential information
  • Ransomware hijacks your essential files, folders, or your entire system until a ransom is paid, usually through a nearly untraceable digital medium like a cryptocurrency

To protect ourselves from malware, we must use cybersecurity tools. However, not all cybersecurity tools are sophisticated enough to catch the 350,000 daily instances of new malware. Only the most advanced antivirus software, like Malwarebytes for Windows uses signature-based technology powered by AI and ML to remediate all threats, including emerging ones.

Biometric Authentication

Deep Learning (DL), an advanced form of ML, also improves cybersecurity by making facial recognition software more accurate. The technology relies on many cues like facial textures and digital images to recognize and verify people.

Social media platforms use DL to enhance biometric authentication through facial recognition. Likewise, world governments use AI-based facial recognition systems to strengthen border security.

Virtual Assistants

Just a few years ago, it would have been unthinkable to assume that people would soon be talking to their phones, speakers, displays, and other devices to make their lives easier, yet here we are. Virtual assistants rely on AI to anticipate our future in a personalized manner by using predictive analysis leveraged by pattern recognition.

In other words, virtual assistants use algorithms to analyze our data, such as pictures, phrases, and words, in order to make helpful predictions. For example, your virtual assistant can accurately predict your entire Monday based on your previous behavior, mood, and current weather conditions.

AI also helps virtual assistants accurately understand and respond to the millions of combinations of voices, accents, and languages.

These are three fascinating ways AI is changing technology and improving our lives. As we become even more reliant on technology, you can expect AI to become a more essential component of our future.

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