3 Reasons Why Playing Games On Your Phone Helps You Relax

You must have surely heard about mindfulness apps such as Headspace, Calm, and 10% Happier. These are taking over the digital space by a storm.

But did you know that gaming apps have a similar impact, in fact even better, to help you relax and stay calm? A study by the JMIR Mental Health publication demonstrates just that.

And here are three crucial reasons that tell you why playing games on your mobile helps take away all your exhaustion, as opposed to the widespread myth that games are only a waste of time. So let’s get right into it:

3 Reasons Why Playing Games On Your Phone Helps You Relax

1. Games help you express creativity

Amongst the many other needs of humans is the ability to express creativity. Fortunately, games like Minecraft, BlockuDoku, and Fortnite are potent tools to help you experience something unique, mesmerizing, challenging, and fun. It is with logic and ingenuity that you solve each puzzle and keep moving forward. In fact, each niche serves a different kind of appeal and help you bring out your artsy side to make the most of any game while being relaxed and happy.

2. Games give you a break from real-life goals

Playing games on the phone enables you to take a break from those challenging real-life goals. For people leading a demanding life, gaming is an instant respite from everyday struggles. You have smaller achievable goals in games where better visuals, soothing sounds, and rewards keep you motivated. This instills a sense of achievement and satisfaction. Although it provides instant gratification, at least you’re temporarily away from the tensions of achieving your massive, time-taking, and arduous life goals. This is why even high-level executives take quick breaks from their schedule to play puzzles like block games, which are an excellent daily activity.

3. Games keep you in the present

Rather than dwelling on the past or future worries, mobile gaming helps you stay in the present and focus on the now. You effortlessly and unintentionally achieve a state of mindfulness and attain the feeling of staying in your zone. You’re totally immersed in the gameplay without the little tasks feeling like just another chore of the day. Give a try to games like jigsaw puzzles or block games, and you’ll understand this aspect.

The bottom line is whenever you feel stressed or tired; mobile gaming comes to the rescue.

So take out your smartphone, and try a game that tests your abilities while keeping you immersed in the gameplay. But make sure you don’t go beyond 10 minutes – that’s sufficient time to charge you up for the day.


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