4chan website down or not working: Reason and fixes for this issue

4chan is easily one of the most popular imageboard platforms where users can post and share images. The posts cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from anime, music, cooking, manga, and more. One of the best things about this platform is that you won’t have to register before you can start uploading images. As of 2022, the platform has over 22 million monthly visitors with around half of them based out of the USA.

Users facing 4chan website down or not working issue

According to recent reports from 4chan users, the website seems to be either down or not working. Many of them are getting an “SSL handshake failed” error message. There are many websites that can give you information over live outages. If 4chan is down universally, then it’s probably due to the website’s servers being down or due to a maintenance break. However, there are certain instances when the error could be from your end. Don’t worry, there are multiple ways you can fix this issue.

The reasons and fixes for 4chan not working

If 4chan is working universally but you cannot access the site, there are many ways you can fix this issue. Some of them are –

  • Refresh the browser cache

For deleting the cache and getting the current version of the site, refresh the page in your browser using the key combination “Ctrl + F5”.

4chan website down or not working: Reason and fixes for this issue

  • Change the IP address

There are times when access to the site could be blocked by cookies. Clear your browser cookies and try to change the IP address of your computer.

  • Antivirus and firewall

Check that the anti-virus or firewall installed on your PC isn’t blocking access to 4chan.

  • DNS cache

Clear the DNS cache on your PC and then try accessing the website again.

  • Disable browser plugins

There are many browser plugins such as the AdBlock extension that along with ads can block the content of a website. You should find and disable such plugins for the site.

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