5 Things New iPhone Owners Ought to Learn About

iPhones are one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world. If you got one for yourself, you made the right choice. Now it comes down to how much you can utilize the new device and make out of it.

Some people are pretty casual and are perfectly fine with using their iPhones for browsing, emails, texting, and phone calls. However, there is more that one can do, and it feels a bit like a waste not to get more out of an iPhone.

This article will give you a few valuable tips as a new iPhone user. Absorb the information, and you are bound to have a better overall experience while on your iPhone.

Protect the Smartphone

Let’s start with protection. Overall, iPhones are pretty sturdy and reliable. However, it does not mean that you can expect to drop on a hard surface and not face the consequences.

A protective case is a small investment that can save you a lot of money and time. You do not want to deal with a fractured iPhone screen, right? Replacing it will take time and cost money.

Besides physical damage, you also have to consider potential threats online. Avoid shady URLs that you encounter when someone messages you.

To keep things private and make it harder for a potential thief who gets their hands on your iPhone, follow the steps to set up a password. Two-factor authentication is also a popular method to introduce extra security.

Finally, be sure to check for iOS updates and install them once they become available. And back up data in case you lose it. iCloud is usually the preferred data backup method among iPhone users.

Check the App Store

The official App Store is one of the best things you can experience as an iPhone owner. There are multiple applications that range from entertainment to education. You can check the available categories and decide which of the applications suits you.

More often than not, users check the trending applications or pick a specific category and look at the top of the list.

Some applications are completely free, whereas others require a one-time fee or come with a subscription model. Freemium is also a common business model among app developers who wish to monetize it.

Regardless of how an app makes money, you still have multiple options to look at and consider. The important thing is to keep an eye on the App Store and get an app if you feel like it can boost your overall experience using an iPhone.

Utilize the Dark Mode Feature

The dark mode feature is something that many Apple users have been asking for years. People were fed up with needing to adjust the screen’s brightness whenever they would use an iPhone in low-lighting settings.

In addition to the experience, which was the opposite of hassle-free, there were concerns about one’s safety, particularly concerning eyes.

Thankfully, the situation has changed, and the dark mode trend is becoming more prominent, not just on iPhones.

To enable dark mode on an iPhone, go to the Settings tab and tap on the Display and Brightness panel. Here, you can switch between the Light and Dark modes. The next time you have to use the iPhone in low-light settings, do not bother adjusting the screen’s brightness. Instead, enable the dark mode.

Take Care of Its Battery

New smartphones do not have performance issues, or at least they should not have them. However, it is still important to take care of the device so that you do not have to pay for it later. A sluggish performance hinders one’s overall enjoyment quite significantly.

Besides storage issues and potential cybersecurity threats, the battery is one of the aspects that often cause trouble to iPhone owners.

Needing to charge the device often is a hassle, and it would be better to avoid that as much as possible.

For starters, you need to check whether there are background apps running on an iPhone. Some people forget to quit apps after they finish using them. Such a habit leads to battery issues. Thus, make sure to quit an app once you finish with it.

Enabling the energy-saving feature in the settings is worth a shout as well. It might not do too much, but it still helps.

Finally, check if you have enabled automatic updates. If an app starts to update randomly, not only will it affect the iPhone’s battery but the overall performance of the device, particularly if you are surfing the internet.

Check Siri

Apple’s intuitive digital assistant Siri continues to receive new features with each iOS update. You can utilize the AI to make phone calls, send messages, do a quick search on Google, flip a coin, create a memo, listen to voicemail, and so on.

At first, using Siri might feel a bit unusual, particularly if you are not someone who utilized voice commands in digital devices before. However, once you get the hang of it, you will discover how much Siri offers and how it helps.

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