A Guide to Mobile Game Testing

If your business plans to build a mobile game, you must test it to ensure it works correctly. While you should perform tests as you make the app, you’ll want to remember some crucial points to ensure you test your game accurately and prepare it for release.

Evaluate session replays

Working on your app requires checking for issues and seeing what people do. Whether you have quality assurance (QA) testers or volunteers trying the game, you’ll want to use session replay tools to check on the game later.

Session replays allow you to go back through the game and see what the player did. That way, if they ran into any bugs or issues, you can see the circumstances that caused it and make changes to the code to prevent the problem.

You may have to watch the replays multiple times, so do your best to review the information, look through the details, and fix problems.

Look for and fix errors and glitches

As you use any software, you’ll run into errors and glitches, especially as you develop it. Therefore, you should focus on identifying these errors and glitches to take care of them as soon as possible while minimizing problems.

If you have anyone helping you with the process, ask them to look for these issues and report them. Having additional people work alongside you allows them to identify problems, point them out to you, and let you fix any issues you may face.

As you keep errors and glitches in mind, you’ll watch for them and determine the best action for your situation.

Try it on different devices

A Guide to Mobile Game Testing

As you try out different games, you may fall into the habit of using the same device to check everything. However, if you try everything on the same machine, you may overlook the issues and not discover specific bugs, so try different devices to see what works.

For example, if you plan to release your mobile game for Android and iOS, you must try it on various devices. Do your best to get your hands on multiple phones with different operating systems, so you can test various possibilities and address them.

If anyone brings up issues, do your best to look into your game and adjust points to fix device-related problems or bugs.

Frequently perform tests

Remember that you can’t stop testing once you release the game. Ensure you perform frequent tests to look for new issues, especially as you develop different versions and updates. Since you’ll most likely run into bugs as you make adjustments and changes, you must look into them.

Not only should you perform tests at those moments, but also when people point out bugs. You should also do so regularly to see if you run into any problems, so you’ll address those concerns and improve the experience for your customers.

Wrapping up

Mobile game testing remains a crucial part of the game creation process. Ensure you go through your app, focus on different aspects, and do what you can to identify issues. Doing so will help you iron out the app and make it as good as possible before customers use it.

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