A Guide to the Best Apple Tools for Students

There is no secret that students use a lot of technologies these days. From smartphones to laptops, different gadgets are assisting young people in their day-to-day lives and studies as well. So we can confidently say that tech devices are among the most crucial ones in every student’s arsenal.

While everyone realizes the importance of having a good toolkit in college, there is always a huge problem with tech shopping. These days there are plenty of brands and models to choose from. This can make young people feel confused and overwhelmed. But we’re here to change this. So read on, and we will tell you about one of the most popular brand picks – Apple and the best tools it has for you.

A Guide to the Best Apple Tools for Students

Cons of Apple Products for Students


First of all, students must be very concerned about the price. There is no secret that young people have to deal with lots of expenses, including tuition and fees, housing, food, etc. Also, young people often need extra cash to college essay writing service to keep their grades high even when facing the most challenging tasks. They really can’t afford too expensive tech. And, as we all know, this brand’s products aren’t very cheap.

Lack of Customization

Compared to its competitors, Apple doesn’t seem to offer its users as many customization options. This can feel like a disadvantage for some users, though, of course, this fact doesn’t hamper the quality or productivity of their devices.

Smaller Selection of Free Apps

Android is known for having plenty of free apps in all categories of its store. Apple, on the contrary, seems to provide fewer free options, which can be an issue for students. But the good news is that app quality is always high.

Pros of Apple Products for Students

We decided to highlight the cons first because there are only a few of them. In fact, this brand’s products offer more benefits to young people than drawbacks.

Namely, the company’s gadgets are known for:

  • Excellent quality;
  • Convenient ecosystem;
  • Super-intuitive interface;
  • Great software;
  • Reliability;
  • Security;
  • Rich performance;
  • Flawless synchronization.

And that’s not all! For decades, Apple has stood for quality and reliability. So if you are a student looking to build your perfect toolkit for college, choosing this brand makes pretty good sense, and we are about to tell you about the best options that are there for you!

Apple for Students: Top 5 Tools to Try

Knowing about all the benefits, you might want to start looking for the best Apple products to add to your student’s toolkit.

In the list below, we will tell you about the main tools that will definitely come in handy in college.


The first must-try gadget for students is, of course, the MacBook. This laptop is incredibly lightweight, which makes it perfect for young people who often have to carry their laptops around nearly every day. Despite the lightweight, the company also guarantees an all-day-long battery life, which is also important if you want to study on the go.

Apart from this, MacBook offers you great functionality and excellent performance. These laptops are often selected by IT professionals due to the power they bring. There is also a great selection of apps. By getting this laptop, you will get a number of handy built-in apps, many of which, such as Pages, Keynote, iMovie, and Numbers, are great for completing your daily assignments for college. And there is also a wide choice of additional apps in the App Store.


The second tool you might want to have in your student’s arsenal is an iPad. This gadget is known as one of the best ones of its kind. It is a perfect, lightweight, thin, yet powerful computer that can easily fit in a smaller bag and let you perform plenty of tasks on the go. Basically, an iPad can let you do anything you would typically do on your desktop or laptop.

Apple Pencil

If you decide to get yourself an iPad, then the Apple Pencil is also a must-have. This smart pencil lets you work with your tablet in an entirely new way. Students can use it to take quick, hand-written notes and write down their ideas. And for young creatives, you should know that iPad plus Apple Pencil is a powerful combination for creating great masterpieces on the go.


The positive effects of music on one’s brain and learning abilities have been proven in numerous studies. According to science, listening to the right music in the background can make your study sessions more productive and also less stressful, and AirPods are perfect for this. Apple’s wireless headphones are known for their excellent quality of sound, long battery life, compact and quality build, and comfort. Also, some models are known for a powerful noise-canceling feature. By adding AirPods to your toolkit, you will give yourself a new, more exciting way to enjoy your favorite music.

Apple Watch

The last tool on our list might not sound like a must-have for students, but it can actually be very handy. This smartwatch can do lots of things for you. For example, it will let you receive calls and messages even when your smartphone isn’t around, which is very convenient on the go. Also, it will let you take better care of your physical and mental health thanks to a variety of brilliant apps. You can measure your body’s key indicators, count steps, monitor your workouts, and even take mindfulness breaks during your study sessions. And it offers you a convenient way to use your Apple Pay without even pulling your phone out of your pocket.

The Bottom Line

Apple products have always been known for reliability and quality. Due to this reason, millions of people around the world are choosing them for themselves. And many students choose it too.

Hopefully, this guide will help you decide whether this brand suits your needs well and, if yes, choose the right tools to get for yourself.

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