About IBAK Camera Models and Their Characteristics

IBAK Company today is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of pipe inspection systems and is, at the same time, the oldest company in the trade. For more than 65 years, customers worldwide have benefited from the great experience of this company with innovative traditions.

The great variety of IBAK products range from small electronic circuit boards and housings machined from solid materials for camera systems, pipe cleaning, and leak testing. Generally, many models of such cameras have transformed with time. Recent times have seen some of the latest versatile models, highly functional and sensitive in terms of clarity.


The latest camera model, the IBAK ORION 2.9, provides a large angle of aperture, excellent light sensitivity, and 3x zoom. Furthermore, its focus depth is remarkable. Due to its enhanced features, this IBAK camera is also ideally suited for the inspection of larger pipes. Checks up to DN 600 can be carried out without additional lights with the ORION 2.9.

Depending on the field of application, the IBAK ORION 2.9 is available with or without explosion protection. Using the integrated location transmitter, the camera’s position can be determined at any time. The in-built laser (2.9), in combination with the IKAS software, allows users to make easy diameter and deformation measurements while inspecting the sewer pipe.


Unlike conventional sewer inspection systems, the IBAK PANORAMO uses two high-resolution digital photo cameras with 185° fisheye lenses installed at the camera tractor’s front and rear. The use of fisheye technology makes it possible to take pictures with extensive-angle focal lengths.

Photos are shot at 5 cm intervals, and the images from the front camera are combined with the corresponding pictures from the rear camera. This generates what is called spherical photos, enabling an accurate 3D interior view of the sewer to be created. The unique feature is the use of two cameras that photograph the sewer from different perspectives.


The IBAK ORPHEUS 2 HD is a high-resolution pan and rotates the full HD sewer inspection system camera. IBAK is the pioneer of this technology on the market and provides a system with which videos can be created, transmitted, displayed, processed, and archived in full HD quality.

The ORPHEUS 2 HD camera is equipped with an image sensor in full HD format (1920 x 1080 = 2.08 million pixels), which has approximately five times as many pixels as a conventional PAL sensor.

The Master Eyesight Troubleshooter of the Underworld

Sewers and pipes are subject to an aging process: they can form cracks and become leaky, which leads to groundwater and soil pollution. With IBAK cameras, sewers and pipes can be navigated to inspect sewage systems’ condition and rehabilitate them visually.

IBAK company founder Helmut Hunger presented the world’s first sewer pipe inspection system in 1957. Building on this pioneering achievement, IBAK is still the technology leader after 75 years. Today fully equipped sewer inspection vehicles are the company’s core business, but also Small as well as software are part of the industry pioneer’s extensive product portfolio.


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