[2022] Download Android 12 GApps for Custom ROMs

Google recently announced Android 12 at the Google I/O event. At the event, the company showcased the redesigned UI, new changes and released the first beta. Last month, the company announced Android 11 Beta 2 with new changes and improved UI. As a new version of Android has been released, the custom ROM lovers will seek to install Android 12 GApps to make the most of their devices.

GApps stands for Google Applications, is a flashable ZIP file package. It includes all the stock Google apps such as Google Play Service, YouTube, Google Photos. Google Maps, Google Drive, and more.

Most of the third-party AOSP based ROMs (also known as custom ROMs) do not necessarily come with Google apps. And, the Google Apps is one of the most important aspects of an Android phone. Several system functions also rely on Google applications. So, it becomes important to have Google apps on the phone and to achieve that, we flash the GApps.

[Note: Users on Pixel Experience ROM do not need to flash GApps, as the ROM already includes all the Google apps.]

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Android 12 GApps

In this guide, we will see the step by step process to download and install Android 12 GApps for any Android device.

Download GApps for Android 12 ROMs

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Android 12 GApps by BitGApps

BitGApps [arm] – Download Link

BitGApps [arm64] – Download Link

Android 12 GApps by NikGApps

NikGApps – Download Link

How to install Android 12 GApps

Method 1: GApps APK for Android 12

The Google Installer APK or GApps APK is the simplest and quickest way to install Google Apps. This method does not require your device to go into TWRP recovery or any other recovery. Basically, the GApps APK installs apps like Google Play Service and Play Store, which can be used to install other Google apps.

Here, we have given the download links of ‘Google Installer APK’ and the ‘BitGApps Google Installer APK’. You can use any of the two for installing GApps.

Google Installer APK – Download Guide

BitGApps Google Apps Installer APK – Download Link

Method 2: Using TWRP Recovery

  • Boot your device into custom recovery mode (mostly TWRP is preferred)
  • For TWRP, tap on Install and then select the downloaded GApps package from the memory
  • For CWM, tap on Install ZIP and then select the downloaded GApps package
  • After that, flash the GApps package
  • Select, ‘cache’ and ‘dalvik cache’ and clear this
  • Reboot the device (It may take some time)

Feel free to ask anything, if you have a doubt or facing problems in any steps.

Get more details about GApps in our GApps section.

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