Android 13 preview program for Vivo X80 Pro announced

Vivo has started the official Android 13 Preview Program in India and the owners of Vivo X80 and Vivo X80 Pro devices will be able to participate in it. If you’re looking to test drive the upcoming major update for FuntouchOS, the users can sign up for this program. The preview software will be rolling out a week from now. After the official release of the Android 13 Developer Preview, Vivo has become one of the first OEMs to distribute the preview version. The preview program will only accept 500 users each.

What to expect from the Android 13 Preview Program

The recent version of Android, the Android 13 will deliver a fresh user experience, security protection, better privacy, and increased personalization. There’s new runtime permission to send non-exempt alerts from an app as one of the enhancements.

Moreover, the permissions that are asked will depend on the type of media that your program is looking to access. The users will be able to benefit from an increased degree of control courtesy of the new photo picker feature.

Android 13 preview program for Vivo X80 Pro announced

This will allow the users to choose which photos/videos they wish to grant access to, avoiding the need to share the entire library with an app. The users can also modify the settings thanks to Quick Settings, which will be located in the notification shade. Android 13 will also introduce modifications to the Material You design for enhancing the user experience.

Vivo bringing a better experience for smartphone users

Vivo has taken the initiative to help developers adapt and optimize their apps for the recent version of Android OS, and this will offer the best user experience. One of the first OEMs to launch its Beta program earlier this year was Vivo and the developers have got an early glimpse of the changes in Android 13. The developers will be able to download and test the recent Android 13 on the Vivo X80 and Vivo X80 Pro users by heading to the company’s developer side. The sign-up process is pretty simple – head over to Settings -> System Update -> Tap on the Settings icon located in the upper right corner before hitting Trial version.


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