Android 13: Top 5 Features in New Updates

Android is famous worldwide and goes beyond making life easier. It’s the software that powers 2.5 billion active devices. Android powers everything and Google (GOOGL) designed the Android operating system and helped users interact. Android software is also in TVs, cars, and watches.

Android technology has allowed software and application developers to create mobile apps that sell through app stores such as Google Play. Therefore, many tech companies hire dedicated developers to take advantage of this application. In addition, Android users can also link their mobile devices to other Google goods, such as cloud storage, email platforms, and video services.

The Android 13’s Top Five New Features

Android 13’s releases new features and UI design and so let’s look at the five new features that will amaze our Android users.

1. Improved Bluetooth Audio Streaming With Bluetooth LE Audio

You can easily listen to music over-improved Bluetooth with Bluetooth LE Audio. According to Mr. Rahman, Bluetooth Low Energy Audio (LE Audio) is the future of wireless audio streaming to headphones and hearing aids. Android 13 appears to be the first version to enable Bluetooth LE Audio fully.

Android 13: Top 5 Features in New Updates

Another great news about LE Audio, it uses less power than the Classic audio protocol. So Bluetooth LE Audio may help with battery life. It will also allow you to send Bluetooth audio to additional devices and improve the connection. Additionally, it works with hearing aids and is ready to handle everything without compromising audio quality.

2. Allows App-by-App Language Customization

In the past, Android let you choose your preferred language from various options, but that language is the same for the whole device, not just the apps. Users can change the language settings for each app instead of the system-wide language setting. Language settings for each app are ‘panlingual.’ It could be the best improvement to Android 13 if you’re multilingual. Users would be able to specify specific languages for specific programs and the system language. For example, users can use the UI system and other apps in English in the UK.

3. QR Codes Scanner

For people who need to scan QR codes a lot, Google has finally added a native QR code scanning quick setting tile to Android 13. However, it’s not clear whether the QR code scanning fast settings tile is just a shortcut to a special QR code-reading camera mode or a separate QR code scanning app right now.

4. Support for DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

The functions of DoT and DoH are nearly identical. DoT uses TLS (also known as SSL) to encrypt DNS traffic. DoH sends queries and responses over HTTP or HTTP/2. When it comes to privacy, DoH has a minor advantage over DoT.

5. In Split-screen Mode, To Open Notifications

The feature has been refined even further in Android 13, as it now comes as a default feature that does not require user activation. To enter split-screen mode, just long-press a notification and drag it to the bottom half of the device’s display.

Additional Features to Look Forward to:

  • Android 13 offers more than many fans can look forward to, and here are the other lists;
  • NFC Payments For Secondary User Profiles
  • Runtime Permission for Notifications
  • TARE: The Android Resource Economy
  • Brings Single-Line Clock Layout On Lock Screen
  • Adds Granular Vibration Sliders For Notifications, Media, And More
  • Tap to transfer Media Controls
  • Opt-in Notifications
  • Home Button Assistant toggle
  • Output Picker And Media Player Changes
  • Unified Text And Display Size Sliders Page
  • Create A Custom Profile Photo
  • Photo Picker


According to reports, Google’s Android 13 will release soon. Another feature that many people are excited about is that Android 13 may enhance the available color-theming options by offering four new palettes based on certain shades or complementary hues, according to rumors. However, it recently confirmed that the feature is disabled in Android 13 DP2.

As the debut of these new features approaches, we may see additional updates on these topics. However, Android will continue to aim as the top-rating system for smartphones and other devices between now and then. Globally, Android is appreciated by all ages, and continue you may see the evidence as they continue to improve its functionality and services. is one of the leading tech blogs started in 2014. Our stories have been picked up by the likes of Forbes, Foxnews, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, Engadget, The Verge, GSMAreana, and many others. Want to know more about us? Head here. You can follow us on Telegram, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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