Apex Legends Mobile Rhapsody Guide: Rhapsody Abilities, Perks and Tips

Apex Legends Mobile comes with a new legend in the game – the Rhapsody. She has many unique sets of abilities and perks that can easily turn things in your favor. This character is only available for Apex Legends Mobile. If you’re new, you might have an issue playing with her but experienced players can handle the Rhapsody easily. In this guide, you’ll get to know about the abilities, perks, and tips of playing with Rhapsody.

What abilities does Rhapsody have?

Tactical ability – Hype anthem

The tactical ability plays a key role as it offers a small movement boost to the player and his teammates. On top of that, the ability will also heal your shields by 2 bars, which will be equivalent to 50 shield points. The hype anthem boost will last for 10 seconds while having a cooldown of 25 seconds.

Passive ability – Gifted ear

The Rhapsody’s passive ability is much more of an upgrade to what she already possesses. The Gifted Ear ability will allow the player to view the enemy’s footsteps from as far as 50 meters instead of 30 meters, which is usually the default sound visualization range.

Ultimate ability – Rowdy’s rave

On activating the ultimate ability, the Rhapsody summons her robot, Rowdy, and creates a huge disco-themed wall to protect herself and her teammates. The wall will be 10 meters tall and 25 meters wide and have a curvy end to the corners.

What are the perks of the Rhapsody?

Apex Legends Mobile Rhapsody Guide: Rhapsody Abilities, Perks and Tips


  • Volume control – The teammates affected by the Rhapsody will get a temporary gifted ear
  • Sound bleed – It is possible to hear sound through the walls if it is bleeding from the wall
  • Tuned in – Running will continuously increase the range of gifted ears


  • Battle adaptation – It’ll add 100 points to the EVO shield using a finisher
  • Interrogator – The enemy team’s location will be revealed on the map by using a finisher
  • Tactical advantage – It increases the tactical ability by using a finisher


  • Reverb – The higher the player gets affected by the tactical ability, the longer the ability will last
  • Harmony – Utilizing this exclusive perk increases the healing speed while the revive speed is also accelerated
  • Rowdy rhythm – Using this exclusive perk will allow you to gain a lot of speed

Tips and tricks of using the Rhapsody

  • When you’re using the Rhapsody Rowdy, you should know that the loud noise is created by the walls that can be heard up to 80 meters. This means that the players need to be ready for more enemies.
  • If Rhapsody is shot by an enemy, the boost given by her to others in the team stops immediately. If a teammate tells the damage, then only he’ll be losing the boost.
  • The hype anthem offers an increase of 5% in speed. In the age of octane, he’ll be able to get a 35% boost while using the tactical ability.
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