How to type Backwards 3 (or the Ɛ symbol)?

A lot of people, including millennials, teenagers, and those from Generation X, are curious about how to type the Backwards 3 symbol, also known as the Ɛ symbol. This symbol is really popular for showing love in chat messages and for making all kinds of fun memes on social media. It’s especially famous for making a heart shape (Ɛ>) that you can use in texts, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Reddit, and lots of other places.

This guide will show you different ways to type the Backwards 3 symbol. If you want to make your online chats more creative or join in with the latest trends on social media, knowing how to type this symbol can be really handy.

We’re going to look at all the ways you can type the Ɛ symbol. This will make sure you can use it easily and well in all your online messages.

How to type Backwards 3 (or the Ɛ symbol)?

Type Backwards 3

Method 1: The traditional way

You need to copy this “Ɛ” and then paste it anywhere that you want to type Backwards 3 as the Ɛ symbol. Sometimes, you will see that people often ask to type backward E and make the shape like the Ɛ symbol but it isn’t the E alphabet. It is the 3 digits from counting that end up becoming “Ɛ” after turning it into a backward shape.

People often use “Ɛ” with “>” for making the heart shape as “Ɛ>” and it sometimes turns into a heart emoji on social media platforms like Facebook and other apps.

Method 2: On PC

On a text software on your PC like MS Word, MS Excel, Powerpoint, or a third-party app as it won’t work on MS Notepad. Here are the steps to do that –

  • Open a new Blank Document
  • Use the keyboard to type 0190 (3 as Ɛ Alt Code)
  • Press Alt + X using the keyboard
  • This will convert 3 into Ɛ

Method 3: On Android

All you need to do is copy “Ɛ” from here and then paste it on any Android app or text that you like. The best way of using Ɛ on your Android phone would be in Facebook comments to form a heart shape.

Method 4: On iPhone

On iOS devices, Ɛ cannot be typed with the default keyboard, and like Android phones, you can use the iPhone’s copy/pasting feature for converting 3 into “Ɛ” on iPhone. You just have to copy “Ɛ” from here and then paste it anywhere on your iPhone from text messages to comments on social media.

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