Being a Casino Dealer: Pros and Cons

So, you are thinking about becoming a casino dealer? If you are handy with a deck of cards and are good at fast mental arithmetic, a casino dealer could be the ideal (student) job for you. Learn more about these jobs by uncovering their pros and cons right here.

Being a Casino Dealer: Pros and Cons

Three Pros of Being a Casino Dealer

#1 The Tips!

Lots of workers receive tips, but the casino dealer may be the biggest beneficiary of tips out of them all. This is because people that win big usually reward the dealer for their win. After all, it is the dealer that shuffled the cards and dealt them out. Check out canadian online casino real money.

The tips received may be more significant if you work at well-known casinos because these attract more footfall and increase the chances of someone at your table winning big. Yet, even when players lose, they are known to give tips to the dealer. It’s a win-win situation.

#2 Job Security

Online casinos have grown in numbers and caused more people to play casino games from their homes than attend the original casinos. However, casinos have adapted to changes by offering restaurants, social experiences and even eGaming. All of these keep players coming back to the casino and keep dealers in jobs.

Technology has always been a cause for concern for lots of industry jobs, but the dealer still has a place in online casinos thanks to the popular live dealer games. These online casino games still require human dealers who are filmed in a studio and streamed on the site.

#3 Fun Social Interactions

Some jobs can be isolating. Just ask any office worker etching another mark in their cubicle wall as they get closer to the weekend. The dealer’s role is very different. When dealing, you get to meet and interact with a wealth of personalities and colourful characters. The job can be engaging by just chatting with these people and sharing some time together.

The Cons of Being a Casino Dealer

The main con of being a casino dealer is that these roles are usually paid low. You can expect to make minimum wage as a casino dealer or just above. This is unjust considering the skills and mental maths needed to be one of the best casinos around. Casinos also realise that tips make the wage higher and for that reason are unlikely to increase their salary packages. However, this is not true everywhere, and some of the best and most esteemed casinos will pay their dealer more.

The other downside to becoming a dealer is that you need to be licensed in many countries and also hold a license for specific individual games. This means paying for expensive courses to be granted your license for a low-paying job without much financial progression.


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