Best Affiliate Programs in 2022

Affiliate marketing programs skyrocketed over the years as they proved to be profitable for both companies and affiliates. A Rakuten Advertising survey revealed that 80% of businesses have an affiliate program. If you’re looking for one, the choices are basically limitless.

However, this overwhelming percentage confuses prospective affiliates as they don’t know which ones are the most profitable and easy to sell. Follow along to see some suggestions which we believe are the best affiliate programs in 2022.

Best Affiliate Programs in 2022

5-) Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Amazon is the king of all online marketplaces; most of us already have Amazon accounts and shop from them frequently. Amazon Associates is the brand’s affiliate program where they offer commissions for each sold product from affiliate’s referral links.

One of the best advantages of this program is the recognition of the brand which makes it easier to persuade your audience to buy from the website.

Commission rates range from 1% to 20% depending on the product you promote. These rates are definitely lower when compared to some other affiliate programs, but the product variability and ease of sale make up for it.

It’s a free program where you can just sign up and wait to be approved. After that, you can promote products from Amazon or other sellers and start generating passive income.

4-) Shopify

Shopify is one of the largest eCommerce platforms on the market. If you have an audience interested in opening up an online store, this might be the perfect affiliate program for you.

Shopify has paid plans for its online stores, and for each paying customer you convert, you’ll get a 100% commission on their first two subscriptions.

Let’s say one of your followers subscribed to their Shopify plan which costs $79/mo; you’ll earn up to $158 if they stay for two months.

Their commission rates are higher than most others, and they’re great if you have a big audience. But commissions are not recurring, so you’re not able to make money from conversions after two months.

3-) SemRush Affiliate Program

SemRush is one of the most known digital marketing applications providing URL crawls, keyword suggestions, and much more. It is a favorite amongst SEO agencies and online businesses that want to increase their visibility online.

SemRush affiliate program pays its affiliates based on various desired actions. It pays $200 for each paid subscription, $10 per lead, and $0.01 per free signup. If your audience is interested in digital marketing, this is a profitable option.

The brand behind this affiliate program is well-known and it’s relatively easy to persuade people to buy. Adding significant commissions, SemRush is certainly considerable.

2-) Podia Referral Program

Podia is an online course platform that allows its users to monetize their audience by selling courses. As online learning becomes more and more popular, these platforms show the potential to be profitable in the near future.

If you have an audience consisting of lecturers, yoga instructors, or any other specialty that they can teach online, Podia can be a great passive income source.

Podia offers a lifetime 30% commission from the customers you convert as long as they keep subscribing to one of their paid monthly plans. With a growing industry and appealing commission, keep Podia in mind.

1-) NordLayer Affiliate Program

Almost every part of business life is now related to the web, and data security requirements from the governments are increasing. Thus, our top choice comes from a cybersecurity company.

NordLayer is one of the leading cybersecurity service providers on the market offering solutions ranging from VPN to hybrid and remote work security services. Among its competitors, they are the most globally accessible option and their brand recognition is off the charts.

NordLayer affiliate program offers 40% on new signups and 30% for affiliate renewals for their yearly plans. In monthly subscriptions, commissions go even higher with 50% per signups and 40% renewal. These are recurring commissions and will be paid as long as your referrals stay as customers.

With recurring commissions with one of the highest rates on the market and a great brand reputation, NordLayer is our go-to choice. Read more to learn all about it and start by signing up.


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