Best characters in MultiVersus game (September 2023 – tier list)

The Open Beta for MultiVersus started on July 26th. This free-to-play platform tighter can throw up to 4 players into chaotic arena battles with a whole host of iconic Warner Bros. characters. With a record-shattering crossplay launch on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, this engaging game has unexpectedly emerged as one of the biggest fighting game launches of all time.

The tremendous appeal of MultiVersus stems from its diverse cast of recognizable characters. From the Ultra Instinct Shaggy to Iron Giant, the team at Player First Games has made it evident that no one is off the table regarding new additions. Even basketball superstar LeBron James makes an appearance, with upcoming additions Rick and Morty on the horizon.

There are 17 playable characters, each one of them with a specific role Unlike other fighting games, MultiVersus focuses on intense 2v2 matchmaking, where teamwork and thoughtful coordination are critical to your success and some matchups could give you added advantage. Complementing the damage of an Assassin with the strategic aid of a Support character is generally the difference between victory and defeat.

Best characters in MultiVersus game (August, 2022 - tier list)

MultiVersus tier list September 2023

Before diving into the MultiVersus tier list, it’ll be important to note that everything will be based on early gameplay impressions and the options of numerous players who had time with the game during its alpha stage. It is also worth mentioning that this list will change quite a bit as the game itself is still technically in Open Beta for the foreseeable future. So without further ado, let’s begin with what the MultiVersus tier list in August 2022 looks like.

Tier 1 – Harley Quinn, Superman, Batman, and Finn

Tier 2 – Shaggy, LeBron James, Bugs Bunny, Jake The Dog

Tier 3 – Tom and Jerry, Taz, Reindog, Steven Universe, Arya Stark

Tier 4 – Wonder Woman, Velma, Garnet

Tier 5 – Iron Giant

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