Best iPhone Accessories for Gamers, 2023 Edition

Best iPhone Accessories for Gamers, 2023 Edition

The popularity of online gaming has increased rapidly in recent years. You no longer need to play on your PC or desktop – you can have games on the go. With some games, some important accessories come as a nice add-on to have a more authentic gaming experience. So, if you’re interested in gaming, read on. We’ve made a list of some of the best iPhone accessories for gamers in 2023 that will help to improve the mobile gaming experience.

The best accessories for iPhone gaming

1. Razer Kishi controller

If you are looking for a great iPhone controller, or just a gift for gadget lovers, then the Razer Kishi is for you. Even with the design, you can see that this is a controller that is well thought out. It comes with two sides attached to your mobile device’s back panel, which can be adjusted and slid to fit the phone. This means that if you ever upgrade to a bigger iPhone model, this controller can still be used for gaming. The gamepad is inspired by the design of the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller. This controller also supports Xbox Game Pass too. The controller is lightweight, making it easy to carry around with you but built sturdily enough to survive any drops that can inevitably happen with phones!

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2. BENGOO G9000 headset

When you are gaming, there is nothing better than being in the zone! To get the full gaming experience, you will need to invest in a good headset. The BENGOO G9000 is the choice for you. With an eye-catching design and LED lighting, this headset is sleek and made for tech-savvy gamers. Accompanied by bass, noise-canceling and noise-enhancing features, this headset is perfect for games where you need to be focused, so next time you’re playing Call of Duty, you’ll never miss a beat when looking for your enemies. This headset is specifically designed for intermediate gamers or beginners; if you’re more of an experienced gamer, you might have different needs! Nonetheless, for mobile gaming, this headset is the perfect addition.

3. Rotor Riot MFi gamepad controller

When you are playing mobile games on a loop, you don’t want the fear of seeing the “battery low” notification. With the Rotor Riot, you won’t have this problem! This controller comes with pass-through charging, meaning you can stay connected to the game while keeping your phone battery intact. It attaches to your mobile device and can be adjusted to suit your seating position. It also comes with R3 and L3 buttons for when you’re playing a game that needs that little bit of extra edge! No longer will you need to reach for chargers and fumble with phone cables.

4. Serafim steering wheel

There’s nothing quite like playing a racing game and feeling as though you are actually in the driver’s seat! Racing games on iPhone are aplenty, and some of them provide a proper racing simulation experience. The Serafim steering wheel is precisely for these games. This model includes everything, from a phone holder for your steering wheel to a pedal – it has been designed with mobile car games in mind. It comes with a one-year warranty, made to push limits so that when you hit the accelerator pedal, you won’t have to worry about breaking it. It also has a double-vibration motor to make you feel even more in the game.

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5. Altec Lansing BattelGrip mobile controller

Good controllers meant specifically for certain game genres can be difficult to find. If you’re into shooting games, the BattleGrip mobile controller should be a must-buy. To have easier control, the controller comes with two triggers on each side. You can customize your triggers for specific actions, which makes this perfect if you’re interested in shooting games. You can make the placements suitable to make gameplay quicker! You’ll also find a silent cooling fan on the controller. It is no secret that shooting games cause the phone to work much more than usual, causing heating issues. The fan means that your phone will stay at the right temperature to support long gameplay. This controller is sturdy, but be careful not to include it in larger falls.

6. Vakili Touch Screen Joypad

If you don’t want to carry around gaming equipment and prefer to keep things simple, then you should invest in an on-screen controller for your next gaming accessory. The Joypad is perfect for gamers who don’t want to spend too much on a controller. It attaches easily to your iPhone’s screen so you can use the controls for your game. Luckily, it can stick to the screen without causing damage and won’t distract from gameplay. This accessory is particularly useful for games where you have to control the direction, like Temple Run, and shooting and racing games.

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