Best VPN for Android in 2017

VPN – Virtual Private Network as the name suggests is like a private tunnel which secures all your internet activity from the public eyes.

With the advent of growing government surveillance and the threat of hacking, we all have built an increasing desire towards the anonymity. Now we know how to secure our houses from a security threat. We have plenty options out there where we get the services we require for the adequate prices.

Now, look at VPN as a service that does exactly the same. You browse through the features that each one provides and based on your requirement you shortlist the winner.

Indian market too is growing in terms of VPN. India being one of the favored markets for any kind of IT services VPN providers are marketing on this need and why not. With Indian government coming up with the idea of banning sites, this is a welcoming sign as people want to keep their opinions private.

Having said that we need to look out at some of the best options out there on Android and computer platforms:-


It is growing rapidly in popularity and has excellent customer care. It is based out in Hungary. It offers open port detection and DNS leak detection. Now open port detection means whenever you request a data on a browser it goes to specific port like there will be a specific port to send and receive email.

[appbox googleplay de.blinkt.openvpn]

DNS leak detection means when you are browsing through the net even after VPN protection your original IP can still be seen by others.

So Buffered offers you blocking of sites that are prone to DNS leakage.

They have servers in 30 countries including India and give excellent internet speed. And to top it all they have a 30-day money back guarantee.


It is based out in the US. This has its reach out there in 90 cities including in India. The company is well established so you get top-notch customer service. You can use two separate connections at the same time. Let’s say you can use it for your phone and PC as well. Who wouldn’t want that?  

Encryption is industry grade we get OpenVPN. It is available on Mac, Android, Windows, Linux and iOS.

[appbox googleplay com.ixolit.ipvanish]


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We Indian’s especially love an excellent customer service. We still go by human interaction than framing a mail, or raising a ticket request. What appeals us is a customer service which should be quick, prompt and apt. Which ExpressVPN undoubtedly achieves.

What makes it really fast is the fact that has servers in multiple locations. You get a 30-day money back guarantee.

[appbox googleplay com.expressvpn.vpn]


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It has whopping 550 servers in 47 countries that is a very wide range to cover. It is based out in Panama and the payment can be done through bitcoins making its payment policy too anonymous.

The best feature is easy setup and usage. This too offers you with a 30-day money back guarantee.

[appbox googleplay]


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It is a subsidiary of the internet giant Golden Frog. It is one of the friendliest and really fast VPN out there. It makes use of all the servers that Golden Frog has worldwide including in India.

On the downside, they keep the browsing logs up to 30 days. And their basic plan is non – recommended as the safety is compromised here. They offer 3 simultaneous connections on the plus.

[appbox googleplay]

Explore the world of VPN to make your experience of web browsing more safe and sound. If your job has strict customer confidentiality policy VPN is a boon that you should definitely get your hands on.


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