Best YouTube Vanced alternatives to get the best video-watching experience

YouTube Vanced has easily been one of the best inventions in the recent history of the internet. It offers a similar YouTube experience but without the annoying, pesky ads, questionable updates, and constant changes in the UI. Not only did YouTube Vanced fix these issues but it also brought extra features that changed the way people consume content.

Google recently sent a cease and desist letter to the developers of YouTube Vanced, which forced the Vanced Team to shut down the app’s development and take down the download links. If you were a YouTube Vanced user, you’ll be in the market for a new app to watch YouTube videos seamlessly without any ads. While none of them can be as polished and seamless as Vanced, here are a few alternatives to enjoy a similar experience as YouTube Vanced.

Best alternatives for YouTube Vanced

Best YouTube Vanced alternatives to get the best video-watching experience

  1. LibraTube

Kicking off the list is LibraTude, which is an amazing YouTube client that offers an ad-free video-watching experience. The app will allow you to customize playback controls while being completely open-source. It means that the features can be added easily in the long run. The only potential downside here is the fact that LibraTune is still in the Beta stage and is missing a few features. With that said, the app is incredibly fast, fluid, and works just  as advertised.

  1. Kiwi Browser Extension

If you miss having the great SponsorBlock integration that YouTube Vanced had, there is a workaround. Kiwi Browser is a chrome-based web browser available on Google Play Store that you can use for watching videos on YouTube using the mobile website. While this might be obvious, you can install extensions like SponsorBlock and adblocker to get an experience similar to YouTube Vanced. The only potential downside to this method is the clumsy, intuitive interface of the YouTube web app.

  1. NewPipe

NewPipe is a great alternative to YouTube Vanced. This app doesn’t depend on any Google Framework for functioning, instead, it is based on another API that doesn’t need you to have a Google account to enjoy watching videos without ads. The app will feature a simple interface as well. While you’ll be able to import your subscription feed from existing Google Accounts, you cannot sign into one using the app. Moreover, this app will allow you to download videos in a slew of different quality options.

  1. SkyTube

SkyTube is very similar to NewPipe in a wide variety of ways and you can choose either one and you’ll be happy with your choice. Similar to NewPipe, SkyTube doesn’t run on top of YouTube’s APIs and will allow you to enjoy a seamless, ad-free vide-watching experience. You’ll be able to import the subscriptions to avoid having to start from scratch, although the app will not come with support for logging into a Google account.

  1. YouTube Premium

As much as people hate it, the best video-watching experience is still offered by YouTube itself. While it’ll still lack features like SponsorBlock, there is no denying that the YouTube app still offers the smoothest and fastest experience. YouTube Premium will help you get rid of all the ads and other issues. Moreover, it’ll also unlock Premium content and allow you to watch videos in the Picture-in-Picture mode.

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