Big bargains for Gogotool Bluetooth headset, only 9.99 Euros

Big bargains for Gogotool Bluetooth headset, only 9.99 Euros: Bluetooth headsets are really an essential accessory that comes in handy during tricky situations. Not more than a decade ago, earphones were considered the best alternative to having to hold the phone in your hand but now the technology has evolved and now we have entered an era of Bluetooth headsets. The Bluetooth headsets are wireless headsets that you can connect to your device via the Bluetooth feature and use them to listen to songs, take calls, and more.

There is an abundance of brands that offer exciting Bluetooth headsets, but here we have an exciting up and coming brand that guarantees complete satisfaction and only the highest quality when it comes to their Bluetooth headsets. Today, we will be talking about Gogotool Bluetooth headset which is an exceptional device that comes with an array of exciting features.

Some of its main features are:

Long Standby – This Bluetooth headset has a long standby life. You can play the music for up to 11 hours continuously as it has a standby time of up to 28 hours. This makes its working time twice as long as any other Bluetooth earphones.

Superior Audio Experience – This Bluetooth headset comes with support for apt-x wireless transmission which is meant to deliver high-fidelity stereo sound quality.

IPX5 Waterproof technology – One of the best features of this Bluetooth headset is that it comes with the latest IPX5 waterproof technology. It features the ergonomically designed flexible ear hooks that have gel flex silicone earbuds for ensuring that the headphones remain comfortably firm so that the ears don’t get fatigued.

Note – The users who will be purchasing the exciting Bluetooth headset at a discounted price of 13.99 Euros after 30% off using the promo codes can leave a review of the product and get a 4 Euros cashback by messaging to with their order number and review link. After the 4 Euros cashback, these Bluetooth headsets will cost just 9.99 Euros which is a total discount of 50%.

| The code is effective from 2018/7/31 13:00 CEST till 2018/7/31 23:59 CEST. The products have 90 days money back and 18 months replacement period.

Any interested reader can buy this product from the following links:

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  • FR: Code: G5TV76SY
  • IT: M99ZR7WA
  • ES: Code: HSTTVG3E

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