Are you a Panasonic cordless phone owner trying to block incoming calls from a stranger? Let us help you with this step-by-step instruction.

Your grandparents are extremely delighted when you give them Panasonic cordless phones as a gift.

One day, they ask you how to block a certain number.

How are you supposed to know? It is hassle-free to block calls on your iPhone, but what about a Panasonic handheld unit?

Do not worry! This article is written to give you a clue on how to block calls on Panasonic cordless phones.

Read the guide and teach your grandparents later!

How To Block Calls On A Panasonic Handheld Unit

The methods might vary in different cases. Let’s see together.

Block A Specific Number

Step 1

Access the “Menu” on your Panasonic cordless phone.

Step 2

Press the “#” key at the bottom right on your keyboard. Do you see it?

Step 3

Press “217” respectively from the numbers keyboard. You will see the menu of the phone changes into the block list.

There, all the numbers you have blocked before will be displayed. I hope there are not too many of them.


Using Panasonic handheld unit

Step 4

Select the “Add” option by pressing the corresponding button on the keyboard.

Step 5

Key in the number you want to block using the keypad. Do not forget the area code!

Step 6

The last step but it is arguably the most important one.

Yes, you need to save what you just enter so the phone will remember it as a blocked number. Otherwise, it will not stay in the block list.

It is easy enough, as you simply press the button indicating “Save” on the digital display.

You are done with blocking a certain number then.

Block A Call With No Number

What if the calls have no Caller ID? Well, there is always a way to block such a call.

Follow this step-by-step guide below.

Step 1

This method is basically the same as what you have done before with a call originating from a private number.

First, make your way to the “Menu” on your Panasonic handheld unit. Then, press the “#” key.

Step 2

Press “240” respectively from the keypad. It will take you to the call history, in which you will see the calls from the Caller ID list, the private number, or calls with no Caller ID.

Step 3

Scroll through the list by pressing the “Up” or “Down” button until you see the call with no number you want to block is highlighted.

Step 4

Select the “Save” option on the digital display. Boom! The call with no Caller ID is blocked.

Block Numbers In The Caller ID List

Is there a way to block numbers in your Caller ID list?

You can always do that if you want, and I present you with a guide down below.

Step 1

Again, access the “Menu” option by pressing the corresponding button on the keypad. Next, press the “#” button.

Step 2

As in two previous guides, you need to key in a number to move to whatever list you wish to change.

This time, enter “213” from the keyboard so that the “Menu” changes to the Caller ID list.

word image 1 1

You can always block numbers in your Caller ID list

Step 4

Find the number you want to block using the “Up” and “Down” button. Select it by pressing the corresponding button on the keypad.

Step 5

Choose the “Edit” option, then press the button corresponding to “Save”.

Step 6

Press the “Down” arrow on the keypad to see the “Call Blocked” option.

Step 7

Be patient! This is the last step already.

Simply select the “Yes” option by pressing the corresponding button. The number is immediately blocked then!

Above are three ways to block incoming calls on your Panasonic cordless phone. Each model of the Panasonic system allows users to block from 20 to 30 numbers.

How To Unblock A Number

The call-blocking feature on phones for seniors is incredibly convenient. I cannot agree more to this.

word image 2 1

Cordless phones are convenient

However, what if you accidentally added a number on the block list?

My grandmother found herself in such a situation before.

I did not know how, but her friend’s number made its way to the block list on the phone. Not until they met up for a coffee and the friend complained about not being able to call my grandma did she realize that his number was right there.

Luckily, there is the Panasonic’s programming functionality to solve the problem. It allowed her to check the block list and erase the phone number of her friend immediately.

What a relief!

If you are in the same situation and searching for a solution, here it is.

Step 1

First off, you need to access the block list on your Panasonic handheld phone.

Press the menu button followed by the “#” key and scroll down; the list of blocked numbers should be one of the options there.

Once you see the block list in highlight, press enter.

I almost forgot it! You can enter “217” using the numeric keypad for quick access to the block list.

Step 2

Press the down arrow to scroll through and find the number you want to remove from the list.

Step 3

Select the desired number and press the key under “Erase” to unblock it.

Step 4

The system will ask if you really want to proceed. Choose “Yes” to confirm your selection.

You are good to go then! The number you select will be deleted from the block list immediately, which means its owner can call you whenever they want.

The Bottom Line

Now you know how to block calls on Panasonic cordless phones, right? Follow all steps and you shall handle unwanted calls effortlessly.

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If you find anything unclear or you have other questions related to the Panasonic handheld phone, leave a comment here. I am always willing to help you.

Stay tuned for more posts! Thank you.

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  1. tried to “unblock” my Panasonic handheld phones. after “menu” & “#”, I was not seeing a list of blocked ##s. I was asked to enter a 3 digit number. Now what? ps advise.

  2. I followed your instructions and deleted about 10 numbers, but when I try to enter a new blocked number, I still get the “Blocked Number List is full” message.

  3. Good question. If possible – list the phone brand and type. Different phones have a different amount of blockages.


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