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Bluboo Maya Max 4G+ Phablet Full Review ($139)

Bluboo Maya Max 4G+ Phablet Full Review

Mobile phones are a necessity these days. If you don’t have a smartphone, then it becomes very tough to survive these days. So it’s obvious that people will always looking for new and advanced smartphones in the market.

If you are in the market for smartphones at low price and with an array of outstanding features, then you can find a ton of devices which fulfil your requirements. Chinese market is full of smartphones which have lot of eye-catching features. On paper they might show specifications better than even Apple and Samsung but when it comes to real experience, most of them falter. Here we are going to show one such smartphone which not only has excellent features on paper, but it also proves its worth in real experience also. Here is a review on Bluboo Maya Max.

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Root My Galaxy’s Bluboo Maya Max 4G+ Phablet Full Review

Hardware and looks

Though Bluboo Maya Max has a little Samsung-esque factor in its looks, the build quality is much more superior. They have parted ways with the cheap snap-on plastic back and have replaced it with grade 6000 aluminium alloy which makes it light as well as durable. The only plastic which could be found on the phone is the part which covers the bottom antenna but it was given a textured feel so that it doesn’t seem out of place.



You can find a lot of ‘phablets’ these days featuring a 5.5-inch screen but if you look at it technically, a phablet’s screen needs to be 6-inch or more. This makes Bluboo Maya one of the few devices which follow this rule. The screen is manufactured by a company named JDI. JDI is the company which makes display for a large number of laptops and phones. It has a 1280 x 720 p resolution which gives you sharp and clear images. If you are a gamer, then this resolution has a lot of benefit like high framerates, snappier gameplay and more.



The smartphone is kitted out compared to mid-range phones of other companies. You’ve got MTK6750 Octa Core CPU which was clocked at 1.5GHz but most people won’t even understand what this means.

It means that you can throw anything at Bluboo Maya Max and this device can handle it with ease. You can multitask and use as many applications as you want and it won’t show any signs of lag and will run smoothly.

It runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and comes packed with a lot of exciting apps pre-installed.






It sports a 13.0 MP rear camera and a 8.0 MP front facing selife camera.It;s a sony sensor having a great f/2.0 aperture for awesome low light shooting.


Battery Life

Due to the moderately clocked CPU and the 720p screen, this device’s battery life is really impressive for such a large phone. This might have a lot to do with its 4000mAh battery. You can get nearly two full days if you use it sporadically before it shuts down. However, if you are a heavy gamer, the battery life won’t last this long for you but if you use it smartly, play some games and use it for internet or social media then you might get 24 hours from this device.


Some More images Of Bluboo Maya Max 4G (Features)

It features the latest USB-C port instead of regular USB.It also comes with a great speaker with latest tweak to give a great media experience.It also sports a rear fingerprint scanner and a customizable mute button to toggle any action you want.





Bluboo Maya Video


Bluboo might not be known worldwide but its Maya Max is an exceptionally good product. It is definitely recommended to check out this product especially if you are a fan of big screen. Its impressive battery life and gaming performance makes it a big hit among the gaming fans.

Normally such a phone can cost you big money but only on GearBest you can get it for just $139.99 and it is available in two colours; Golden and Black.It’s an offer price so hurry up.Buy Bluboo Maya Max 4G+ Phablet For Just $139

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