Bluetooth not connecting on Android 13? Here’s What to Do

Android 13 is the 13th iteration of the OS build and it has brought quite a few noteworthy features for the users. Some of the features include the expansion of the Material You theming design, new privacy features, per-app language, the ability to edit clipboard items, and more.

Despite the new features attached, you might come up against a few bugs and issues. Among those issues is the problem of Bluetooth not working. In this guide, you’ll get to know how to fix Bluetooth not working issue on Android 13.

Method 1: Restart your Android device

While it might generic but a simple reboot can be more than enough to rectify the issue of Bluetooth not working. Restart your smartphone and the device that you’re trying to connect to and check if the issue is resolved.

Method 2: Forget the device

Bluetooth not connecting on Android 13? Here's What to Do

  • Go to Settings -> Connected devices
  • Select the device from the list and then hit Forget
  • Tap on Forget Device option in the confirmation prompt
  • Try to pair the device again and check the results

Method 3: Toggle Bluetooth

  • Turn off the Bluetooth quick setting tile and then turn it on again
  • Select the device that you wish to connect and then hit the connect button next to it
  • Check if it has fixed the Bluetooth issue not working on Android 13

Method 4: Verify Bluetooth permissions

  • Go to Settings -> Apps -> Show all apps
  • Tap on the overflow icon at the top right
  • Select Show System and then choose the Bluetooth app from the list
  • Then, head over to the Permission section and enable the required permissions
  • Once it is done, go to Settings -> Connected device
  • Choose the desired device from the list
  • Then, enable the toggle next to the required permissions
  • Now check if the Bluetooth issue has been resolved

Method 5: Verify phone visibility

  • Head over to Settings -> Bluetooth
  • Tap on the overflow icon located at the top right and then select Advanced Settings
  • Enable the toggle next to Visible to other devices
  • Check if it has fixed the Bluetooth not working issue
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