How to Change the Search Engine to Private in iOS 17

As part of its ongoing commitment to customer privacy Apple has added a new feature to iOS 17 that enables you to select a different search engine solely for Private Browsing in Safari. By not saving browsing history or proposing usernames Private Browsing already aids users in protecting their online privacy. However functionality goes one step further by allowing to utilise a different search engine during these sessions.

Here are steps on how to set up an alternate search engine for increased privacy if concerned about using Google for Private Browsing.

How to Set Up an Alternative Search Engine for Private Browsing

Follow these steps to configure different search engine for Private Browsing in Safari on iOS 17 device:

  • Unlock iOS device and open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down the Settings menu and tap on Safari to access Safari specific settings.
  • Under the Search section within Safari settings you will find the option called Private Search Engine. Tap on it to proceed.
  • Here you will have the choice to select your preferred search engine specifically for Private Browsing sessions. Tap on your desired search engine from the list provided.
  • Once you have selected your preferred search engine the setting will be saved automatically.

How to Change the Search Engine to Private in iOS 17

That is it! You have successfully configured a different search engine for Private Browsing in Safari on your iOS 17 device.

In addition to setting a Private Search Engine, you can also customize your regular browsing experience. By default the Private Search Engine mirrors your regular search engine. However if you wish to use a different search engine for your regular browsing you can do so by following the same steps mentioned above.

Available Search Engine Options

iOS 17 offers a variety of search engine options for both regular and Private Browsing. These options include:

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Ecosia

Ecosia is a notable choice among these options as it is a privacy focused search engine based in Berlin. If you are concerned about safeguarding privacy while searching the web Ecosia can be an excellent choice.

Apple is dedicated to user privacy is clear from the constant upgrades it makes to its goods and services. Users of iOS 17 can enjoy increased privacy and personalise their browsing experience by choosing a different search engine for Private Browsing in Safari. Whether you opt for the well known search engines or choose a privacy focused option like Ecosia, iOS 17 provides you with the tools to protect your online privacy while searching the web.

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