Chat Bubble on Android 11: How To Enable It (Guide)

Android 11 is finally here with lots of improvements and additional features. In previous Android OS generations up to Android 10, notifications were very good to receive or access. But from now, the Android 11 users have one more advantage of receiving chat notifications as a bubble format. So, right from the home screen, chat bubble notifications can be accessed and replied on Android 11. But it may not be activated by default on the system. You have to enable it manually and luckily the activation steps to are quite easy.

So, those who’re already using the Android 11 stable or beta version on their Pixel or non-Pixel Android devices or even going to install it soon, this simple guide will help them to easily access the chat bubble. Well, the chat bubble system is fully inspired by the Facebook Messenger’s chat head feature that we’re using for years now.

However, it’s better late than never and Google has finally included this well-optimized feature in Android 11. That means whenever Android 11 users receive a chat notification or even an incoming text message, they don’t need to manually go to the particular application and then check the message or reply to it. With the help of the Chat Bubble notification system on Android 11, users can now easily and directly access the incoming messages from the home screen and reply to the messages just like the FB Messenger app.

Chat Bubble on Android 11: How To Enable It (Guide)

Chat Bubble on Android 11: How To Enable It (Guide)

  • When you get a new text message or chat message, just swipe down the notification panel to view all of your notifications.
  • Next, you’ll need to tap on the circle icon from the bottom right corner.
  • Chat Bubble interface will open. Now, all the incoming message/chat notifications will be displayed as the chat head just like the FB Messenger app.

Although there are some of the third-party apps still don’t support this feature. We hope the full access to the chat bubble will soon be applied to all applications in upcoming days.

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Clear the Chat Bubble Notification

  • So, if you receive the chat bubble notification on the home screen and want to clear or remove the bubble from the home screen, then do the following:
  • First, tap and hold on the chat bubble icon that you want to clear.
  • Then drag it to the bottom of the device screen (X icon) to clear it.
  • However, if you want to check the dismissed notification, you have to either check Notification History (another Android 11 feature) or directly go to the chat/messaging application.

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