Check Backlink in Bulk: How to Do It?

Bulk Backlink Checker – How to Do It?

It may seem that building a strong link profile and getting the most link-juice value is simple. In fact, it requires a lot of time and effort to manage all the relevant backlinks to your site. The true difficulty arises when you try to handle all of the backlinks and make sure that all of them work as expected.

Backlinks break for a variety of reasons. Website owners can sometimes delete backlinks or modify your links to “no-follow” links. At the same time, backlinks may be occasionally prohibited from being indexed. And since this is off-page SEO, it is often entirely out of your control. So, without backlink management software, you would be ignorant of these issues occurring.

With this in the forefront of our minds, management software to check backlink in bulk available at is quickly becoming a must-have tool for website owners and administrators. In this section, we will investigate how to manage your backlinks in bulk and how to raise the overall link profile of your website.

Check Backlink in Bulk: How to Do It?

Why Is Backlink Management So Important?

With a backlink being one of the most important elements for website rankings, having and maintaining as many high-quality backlinks as possible is critical. There are several reasons why you should actively check backlink in bulk. The most important causes are as follows:

  • To protect your existing links;
  • To build more dofollow connections with link-building strategies;
  • To improve your website’s ranking in key search engines;
  • To perform competitor backlink analysis;
  • To boost traffic to your website;
  • To improve the authority of your website.

Link Strength

The quality of your links has a significant impact on your site’s rating. It’s great to have a couple of thousands of linking sites, but if these backlinks are low-quality, this may potentially harm your site’s authority. At the same time, the text you make clickable should be related to the page it is connected to because Google favors pages with precise anchor text. Checking on your anchors helps you to ensure that the connecting links remain relevant and of high quality.

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Broken Hyperlinks

When a backlink stops working, it is deemed broken. This can happen for a variety of reasons, the most common of which is that the site you’re linking to no longer exists, or the URL has changed and the previous one has not been redirected. A broken connection is undesirable for several reasons.

First of all, it provides a horrible user experience to users when they click on a link expecting one thing but are instead redirected to another, or worse, a 404 error page. Secondly, it informs Google that your website is out of date, which will harm your ranks. That’s why it is strongly recommended to check backlink in bulk.

Important Link Metrics to Monitor

Before we get into how to use a backlink checker to monitor your backlinks, it’s essential to understand what metrics to pay attention to. And here are some of the most important ones.

Referring Domain

The referring domain is the first metric to consider. It provides info about the domain that is linked to your website. By checking the linked domains, you will get an idea of the quality of links pointing to your site and will understand what backlinks have a negative impact on your rating and, thus, should be removed.

Anchoring Text

The wording used to link to your website is known as anchoring text. This metric is critical to monitor since it significantly impacts the link-juice value. Even though you don’t have much power over it, folks have been known to modify their anchor text if you ask nicely. You are free to use a relevant keyword as an anchor text in order to get the maximum out of the backlink.

Do-Follow and No-Follow Links

Knowing the exact number of do-follow and no-follow links in your profile is good for determining the areas that require greater attention in order to build a strong backlink profile.

How to Keep a Good Backlink Profile?

For any website to rank highly in search engines, a good backlink profile is crucial. To maintain your backlinks healthy, you must monitor them on a regular basis and ensure that none of them are causing negative ranking consequences. This is possible using a bulk backlink checker. So, here is how it works.

How to Use a Bulk Backlink Tracker?

It is relatively easy to make use of a bulk backlink tracker. You do not need extensive experience to understand how your backlinks are doing and how much link juice they bring to your web project. So, here is how it works with a bulk backlink tracker:

  • Navigate to the Link Checker;
  • The bulk backlink checker is behind a paywall, which means that you must sign up for a free trial if you do not already have an account. This gives you two weeks to test out the bulk backlinks checking tool and make sure that it meets your needs;
  • Within the bulk backlink checker, create a project and specify the domain to be analyzed and adjust the settings to your preference;
  • You can use the bulk link check feature to analyze multiple backlinks at the same time as well as look at your URLs and domain metrics with the Majestic and Ahrefs integrations in the application.

The best thing about using a bulk backlink-checking tool is that you do not need to go to multiple software solutions to assess your website’s backlink profile. All this information is available to you in a single instrument. At the same time, you can run a speedy bulk backlink check with a single click of a button. If you need, you can set up scheduled checks and get timely reports. All in all, a bulk backlink checker will help you keep an eye on how your backlinks are doing and be able to act on any issues in a timely manner.

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