Check out this Wordle-esque musical game: Where and how to play Heardle?

The incredible success of Wordle has spawned several hit spin-offs and one of them is this musical version of Wordle titled, Heardle. While Wordle still stands at the top of the popularity charts, its spin-offs have been competing against each other to enjoy similar success. For the most part, these spin-off versions of the game bring a refreshing theme and framework, keeping you engaged and hungry to play more. Heardle is one of the spin-offs and it was born as a tribute to the original game. However, it is so unique that it’ll stand out as an exciting alternative that music lovers will thoroughly enjoy.

What is the Heardle game?

Heardle is essentially a guess-the-song game that is modeled loosely around the Wordle game. To an extent, Heardle can be seen as an independent game in its own right if the name and shadow of similarities didn’t remind you of the game’s true origin. Similar to Wordle, Heardle is also a daily guessing game as the players will be presented with challenges to guess the song of the day. The song will be revealed in rationed portions over six chances.

For playing Heardle, you’ll need to have a bit more than just luck. You will have to prove your mettle as a music enthusiast with an extensive library of popular music. If you’re able to read the hidden hints in the game, you will have a sure-shot opportunity to land a win each time you play and create a streak.

The rules and regulations of Heardle that you must keep in mind

Check out this Wordle-esque musical game: Where and how to play Heardle?

Each player will get one challenge per day. The challenge will be a song that has been selected from SoundCloud and the player will have six chances to guess the song. There are many familiar attributes that have been inspired by the Wordle game.

On Heardle, there will be no grids for making word guesses or even an on-screen keyboard for entering letters. Instead, there will be six boxes for making entries of the song that you’ve guessed is the answer.  The clues in the game will not be handed out via the green/gray/yellow colors. Instead, the relevance of colors will be negligible if not non-existent.  So how else will you guess the song within six guesses?

The hints on Heardle will be audible in nature as fractions of the first 16 seconds of the song will be revealed to the player at certain intervals. This will go hand in hand with another unique attribute of the game – you will be able to trade an attempt to get another hint or fragment of the song. However, you cannot use both at once. You can either use a chance for entering a guess or you can skip a chance in exchange for an audio hint.

Each game will come with a pre-determined list of songs that will show up as prompts when entering your guesses in the search box. If a word or letter you’ve entered appears in any song, they’ll appear as prompts for you to pick from. These track title prompts will pale in comparison to the weight your musical knowledge will bear in making headway in Heardle. In this game, you cannot rely on the highlighted words but you’ll need to rely on the audio clips. This is the only rule that you should clutch onto when you’re looking to make waves in this game.

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Where can you play Heardle?

Heardle, just like Wordle, is an online game and it can be played on the official website of Heardle. All you’ll need to do is have an active internet connection and open the game on a web browser of your PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or even smart TV.

Although the Heardle game’s official website has a “.app” domain, the game isn’t an application that can be downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store. It is a web-based and free-to-play game that you can visit and play. Although, the possibility of the game being modified and released as a mobile app cannot be ruled out.

The game will reset each day with a new challenge at 12 AM for all players. Heardle might be a newborn in the Wordle community but the game has been receiving an overwhelming amount of praise and love from players and critics for its refreshing take on the viral word-guessing game.

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