Cop Rose x6 Robotic Vacuum Window Cleaner available from YoShop for $189.99 (65% off)

Cop Rose is a company which has been making equipment which is used for cleaning and other purposes in the Offices as well as institutions around the world. One such equipment which has just been released by Cop Rose is the Robotic Vacumn Cleaner used for Window cleaning. Now, this Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Window Cleaning is known as the Cop Rose x6. In terms of the use of this Vacumn Cleaner, this equipment comes handy when there are high windows and they are hard to reach.

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Cop Rose x6 Robotic Vacuum Window Cleaner – Specs Over View


Cop Rose x6 Smart Robotic Vacuum Window Cleaner for Home Office

Talking about the design of this Vacuum Cleaner, it is a sleek and compact cleaner with two sweeping vents on the either side, there is an orange base of the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner and also there are two wheels for the swift movement of the Cop Rose x6.


Cop Rose x6 Smart Robotic Vacuum Window Cleaner for Home Office

The specifications of this Vacuum Cleaner are very handy in terms of features and design which is compact as mentioned in the Design section above. The Vacuum Cleaner weighs at 1.2 KG and can be used to place on any window as this is the weight that any window can sustain. The Vacuum Cleaner can sustain Input Voltage of 100 to 240V and the Power of this Vacuum Cleaner is 80 Watts. This is highly useful for cleaning high ceilings and walls which have windows fitted to the top.


Cop Rose x6 Robotic Vacuum Window Cleaner Specs and Price

Now, this Vacuum Cleaner was launched by Cop Rose with Cop Rose x6 at a price upwards of the $500 mark. However, this Vacuum Cleaner can be bought by you currently from the famous e-commerce retailer website YoShop for an exceptional price of $189.99 which is a total of 65% less than the original price. This Vacuum Cleaner comes with just a single color: White. This Vacuum Cleaner comes with Robotic technology for smarter cleaning which detects intelligent cleaning modes with auto-detection of routes.

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