[Download APK] Cortana for Android updated to v2.9.8.2007 With Latest Features

Cortana for Android updated to v2.9.8.2007 with latest features: Microsoft has launched the operating system which has been named as Windows from quite some time ago and Windows is currently the most used operating system for desktop users as well as people who use their laptops. However, with the advent of Android as an operating system for mobile, Windows was launched on mobile also by Microsoft. However, that did not work out the way the company would have hoped for and eventually we have now known that the last Windows-powered devices were made a long time ago and there will not be any more devices that are powered by Windows.

Also, the major manufacturer of smartphones that were powered by Windows was Nokia and the company, as we all know has started to release their smartphones which are powered by Android from the beginning of this year. Now, one thing that Microsoft did well in competing with Google was to launch its own personal assistant ever since Google launched the Google Assistant and Apple’s virtual assistant Siri was going in popularity. Also, Cortana is not only limited to Windows devices as the company has already released Cortana for Android and it is available to download from the Google Play Store.

Now, there have been many updates to Cortana for Android ever since it was launched on the Play Store and now the app has been updated to the latest version. The latest version of Cortana for Android is v2.9.8.2007 and this version brings many new changes to Cortana like a new widget called ”Quick Actions” which basically provides access to the main voice server functions from the home screen.

Also, there is now added support for Canadian English users also otherwise it was earlier compulsory to use US English for Canadian users also. We have attached the link down below to download this latest Cortana for Android update

Download Cortana (APK)

Abhishek Jariwala
Abhishek Jariwala
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