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Starting from Android 10, the users got the option to change the overall accent color of the theme on their Android smartphones and tablets. Accent color is the one which dominates the most in a color scheme. It is merely the color that is highlighted throughout the app or theme to call the attention of the users to a specific option or detail.

Changing the accent color on Android devices is not straightforward. You need to enable the Developers Option first. However, that’s not the problem. The problem is that in pure AOSP, you only get eight colors to choose from to set the accent color- Blue, Cinnamon, Black, Green, Ocean, Space, Orchid, and Purple.

If you want more colors, you may require to root your device and install a custom ROM. However, even that would not allow you to set the preferred color you saw somewhere in a picture or app. On PC, it is easy to pick a color from the browser using color picker extensions and set it on the theme as the accent color. What if I tell you that you can do the same on your Android devices too?

There is an application known by the name ACC – Accent Colour Creator that lets you choose your preferred color and set it as the accent color of your theme.

In this post, we will guide you on how to use ACC – Accent Colour Creator app to change the system color accent as per your choice.

Features of ACC – Accent Colour Creator

ACC is a simple application that provides you superb usability to customize your Android. Here are its notable features:

  • You can pick colors from the wallpaper, apps, presets of the app, or any custom color you like.
  • You get the option to create multiple accents.
  • Set the separate accent for light and dark mode (only for Android 10 and higher)
  • Easily adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness of the chosen color.
  • Android 10 users can create a desaturated dark theme accent.
  • Remove or delete the created accents and create a new one.

Requirements for Installing ACC

To install the ACC – Accent Color Creator, there are two prerequisites you need to fulfill:

Instructions to use ACC for creating Accent Color

To use the ACC – Accent Colour Creator for creating the accent color of your choice, carefully follow these instructions:

  1. Download the latest version of the ACC application and install it.
  2. Grant the root access to the app when prompted.
  3. Pick your new accent color from whatever medium you want, like a wallpaper, app’s preset, or any custom color.

  1. Name the color that you have chosen. This name will be used in the system settings.
  2. You can customize the color as per your likeness.
  3. Once an accent color is created, you will be asked to reboot your device.
  4. After the reboot, you can enable the new custom accent color from the Developer Options. If you can’t find it there, go to the ACC app and manually enable it.
  5. Repeat the above steps to create more accent colors. You can create multiple accent colors in one go and then restart the device.
  6. To remove a particular accent, swipe from the sides and reboot.
  7. To remove all the custom accent colors, remove the Magisk module and reboot.

How to Change the Accent Color?

To change the current accent color and set the newly created one, follow these steps:

  1. First, you need to enable the Developers Option on your device.
  2. Navigate to Settings -> About Phone section.
  3. Next, tap on the Android Version option.
  4. You will find the Build Number. Tap 7-8 times on it and a message will be displayed stating that you are a developer now.
  5. Now move back to the main settings and navigate to System -> Advanced -> Developer options.
  6. Scroll down and look for the Accent Color option. Click on it.
  7. You will see the list of all the default accent color along with the one you have created with the help of the ACC app. Tap on your preferred color and set it as the accent.

Bottom Line

Since Android is an open-source OS, you can smoothly go beyond the default options and customize it with a little technical knowledge. Creating and setting up your preferred Accent color is also part of that customization. The best part is, after making your custom accent color, you can uninstall the ACC – Accent Colour Creator app. The created colors will still be there. If you want to get a different feeling of your phone, you must definitely try creating a new accent color and changing the default one.


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