Digital Dating Trends: What You Can Expect in 2021

More and more singles are succumbing to the temptation of digital dating – around one-in-three of today’s relationships are instigated via a dating site. There are many reasons for this rising popularity – convenience, access to compatible partners, choice of outlets, streamlined communication – but all these factors rely on one aspect. Technology. Although technological innovations drive the Internet, they have been particularly influential with online dating. Here are some of the trends likely to have the most impact in 2021.

Review services

Anyone typing ‘dating sites’ into a search engine is likely to be amazed, not to say overwhelmed, by the sheer number of possibilities. There are thousands of websites and apps to choose from, but the good news for anyone facing the headache of ‘which one’ is that there are now many excellent review resources. For instance, if you are keen to find a service aimed at same-sex relationships, refine your search to ‘reviews of dating sites for LGBT people.’ These websites will assess a variety of relevant outlets for LGBTQ community, providing information about user-friendliness, functionality, and fees.

Android apps

As of Spring 2021, Android users were able to choose from almost 3.5 million apps. A significant percentage of these will be specifically targeting singles, with one of the prime Android dating apps, Tinder, having been downloaded around 2.6 million times. There is no sign of this insatiable desire for access to dating options from your hand-held device abating anytime soon. App designers are well aware of the popularity of these platforms, with the majority of users now interacting via apps rather than desktops. You might think a saturation point will be reached at some point, but singles are always on the lookout for new, more interesting apps to download. As long as the developers can keep coming up with innovative and creative ideas, there will always be a demand for the latest titles becoming available from the app store.

Matchmaking algorithms

Dating websites have been using algorithms – software that can analyze and anticipate user aspirations – for some time. At its most basic level, these programs will assess the information you provide when you register with a site, such as your postcode, to provide useful shortlists of other members who might be good matches. But the trend is for these algorithms to become even more sophisticated, and proactive. A website might be able to suggest ideal date venues, based on your activities when you are interacting, going so far as to offer to book your favourite restaurant!

Geolocation technology

Many singles aren’t necessarily looking to find ‘the one,’ at least in the short term. They’re far more focused on linking with ‘the one for tonight.’ Dating outlets catering to casual relationships will never judge, but what they are increasingly able to do is pinpoint your whereabouts, using mapping software, then indicate where there happen to be other members in proximity. This information will be displayed in your smart device’s browser, allowing you to message this person, then arrange a liaison. This trend could be described as your ‘relationship Satnav.’

Virtual reality (VR)

VR has already been enthusiastically embraced by gamers seeking a truly immersive experience when they’re pursuing aliens or zombies across fantastical landscapes. Now imagine having that same technology at your disposal when you contact someone via a dating site. By donning the appropriate headsets, you and an ‘avatar version’ of your partner could meet in some futuristic cityscape. Factor in sensory software you can stimulate from your respective ends of your computer connection, and you have all the ingredients for unforgettable, ultra-realistic dates.

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