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How to Play PC Games on Your Android Device (DIY Methods)

Technology and its development are a source of constant wonder, surprise and excitement. Every year, new tech is released that inspires the next thing to come, with each invention serving as a building block for the ever-evolving future. Companies like RS Components are constantly innovating, and so too are those responsible for the PC.

Play PC Games on Your Android Device

Now, it’s perfectly possible to play PC games on your Android device. But how is this achieved, and how popular will this perfectly poised novelty become?

With all of this taken into consideration, here’s how to play PC games on your android device!

DIY Streaming!

Things were bound to progress to this point eventually. With gaming now taking centre stage and reportedly being worth more than videos and music combined, it only makes sense these titles would eventually arrive in one of the places where these two things are used the most; the android!

Unfortunately, there’s something of a deception at work here – but it’s a cunning and exciting one, of sorts. Put simply, no, you don’t download the games to an android and play them through that hardware. After all, these miniature devices don’t have the capabilities and processing power to run something like a AAA PC title. They’re good for sure, but not that good!

It’s streaming that unlocks the potential of the android and bridges the link between these devices and computers. Consequently, you will still need a host computer to run your video games. Thereafter, you use software like Valve’s Steam Link (and ideally your very own fast wireless network) to live feed the games action from your computer right to your android. For all intents and purposes, you’ll feel like you’re playing the game from your android, and you are in a sense – but it’s your computer that, as usual, is doing all the heavy lifting.

Establishing Your Own Link

Whether it’s Steam Link or another source, you’ll need to do some tinkering with the settings of your program on your computer. Make sure you’ve enabled all the appropriate and relevant settings to establish the connection and download any apps you need on your android and do the same there. Once all the pieces are in place, you should have the makings of a secure streaming connection!

Remember, it’s important that you allow both of your devices to connect, just as you would do with something like Bluetooth technology. Once these gadgets read each other, the games should synch perfectly through the android. After that, it’s all systems go!

Stream from Another Source…

There’re other apps aside from Steam Link, of course; for example, LiquidSky software. There’ll likely be a thousand or so more of these kinds of apps before the year is over, and there’s many out there still today. With these apps, you don’t need a computer; the game instead runs from the cloud, on servers and systems not owned or even seen by you. Therefore, you can cut out the middle man, and get gaming without investing in high-end (and expensive) hardware!

This is the preferable option for most gamers out there and is easier and cheaper too. It does make some gamers feel uneasy at times, particularly for those who love to feel like they own everything they play and see the cases aligned on their shelves. That sad, for ease and convenience, streaming AAA games through an android is definitely a feat yet to be toppled.

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