Does WWE 2K23 support crossplay feature?


WWE 2K23 is the latest release in the exciting wrestling sports series by 2K Sports. The game has come out on various consoles and platforms and it features numerous gaming modes and intriguing features.

There are countless current and retired wrestlers, online facilities, as well as online and offline multiplayer. Since the game has come out on numerous platforms, many players are wondering does WWE 2K23 support crossplay feature. If you’re in the same boat, then this guide will be perfect for you.

Does WWE 2K23 support crossplay feature?

Crossplay is a feature that’ll allow people on different platforms to play with each other. For instance, if the game supports crossplay, then someone with a PlayStation 4 can easily team up and play with someone on an Xbox. Anyone will be able to play online multiplayer with anyone irrespective of the platform they are on.

Does WWE 2K23 support crossplay feature?

Crossplay is a highly desired feature for games that come with support for online multiplayer mode. This raises the question if WWE 2K23 comes with support for the crossplay feature. The answer to that is, no, this game doesn’t come with any form of crossplay, although it does feature cross-platform progression.

✅ Key Takeaway

WWE 2K23 does not support the crossplay feature, which means players on different platforms cannot play with each other. However, the game does feature cross-platform progression. The lack of crossplay functionality could be due to the technical differences between consoles and PCs or business reasons.

One of the reasons for that can be the vast technological differences between consoles and PCs. Game developers often have to make various changes to make sure that the game runs smoothly on different platforms, which results in significant differences in design and programming. These differences might make it quite challenging to implement crossplay functionality, which might make it impossible to play the game seamlessly across multiple platforms.

Companies like Microsoft, Sony, and others tend not to add crossplay for technical or business reasons. This is why even if the games come with support for crossplay, they end up not getting permission for it. Without any official comment from the company, the fans will never know why WWE 2K23 doesn’t have cross-play. As previous iterations also lacked such functionalities, it may be safe to consider that this year’s title will also come without it.

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