Download and Install Android 9.0 P GSI on Project Treble Devices

Download and Install Android 9.0 P GSI on Project Treble Devices: Recently, Google announced the release of the next version of Android which we already know is Android 9.0. However, the interesting part of the announcement was the name of Android 9.0. Also, we already know that Android 9.0 was earlier known as Android P. Not anymore will this be the name as Android P is officially named as Android Pie. Yes, the next version of Android will be officially called as Android 9.0 Pie. Therefore, it is obvious that people have started to inquire about it.

Every other Android user around the world will want to know about when his /her smartphone is getting the Android P update. Now, this is where the tricky part for Android users lies. Google does not release Android updates as soon as they are announced to every Android phone around the world. Rather, it is dependent on Android OEMs to release the updates. On the other hand, Apple releases iOS updates to each and every iOS device so their adoption rate is significantly higher.

But, things have started to change for the Android users as well because Google announced Project Treble few years ago. Project Treble is a side project from Google which separates partitions in every Android smartphone. Therefore, the partition of every smartphone which supports Project Treble will be divided into A/B. This means that one partition will have OEM things and the other will have Android things without hindering each other.

Thus, you can now install the latest version of Android on your Project Treble supported device even if you run OEM skins. Obviously, it needs to be installed manually by you and you need to have custom recovery and root access prior to installing it. Once you have that, you should see our tutorial to install generic system image on your Android device to get Android 9.0 P


  • It is most important to have custom recovery installed on your device. Also, you need to have root access on your device
  • Charge your device’s battery to more than 50% before installing the ROM on your device
  • Make sure to take a backup of your files before proceeding with this installation as all your data will be lost.


Steps Download and Install Android 9.0 P GSI on Project Treble Devices

Download and Install Android 9.0 P GSI on Project Treble Devices

  • Download all the files attached in the Downloads section. Note: All the files are important and you will need them for the later part of this installation
  • Now, extract the first zip file named ‘‘ and you will have  ‘P-PR1-sGSI.img‘ file inside the folder.
  • After this, connect your smartphone to PC and transfer the files to your smartphone’s internal storage or SD card.
  • Now, boot your smartphone into recovery by switching off your device and pressing Volume Down+Power button
  • Inside TWRP, go to Install section and select the P-PR1-sGSI.img and swipe to install the image file.
  • Now, go to the Mount section inside TWRP and mount the Vendor partition.
  • Once the partition has been mounted, flash the following files in the same order:
  • That’s it, you will now have Android 9.0 P GSI installed on your Project Treble supported device after this method.
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