Download and install Magisk v15.2 and Magisk Manager v5.5.3

Latest Magisk v15.2 and Magisk Manager v5.5.3 are now available for download: Magisk is a systemless interface used by a lot of Android smartphone users to do experiments with the device. Magisk let you get root access to the device and add different modules to get the maximum of the device. The new version of the Magisk, the Magisk v15.2 along with the new Magisk Manager v5.5.3 is available for download now. In this article, the link to download Magisk v15.2 and Magisk Manager v5.5.3 and the steps to install them will be shared.

The Magisk v15.2 comes with a lot of new features and bug fixes. The most noticeable fix is the fix to bootloop issue on devices like OnePlus 5 or OnePlus 5T. The Magisk is packed with many new features and controls. The new version of Magisk implements the SELinux policy rules. This new version can easily be hidden on devices like Samsung.

If you have already installed a previous version of Magisk, the new version can be easily updated. In this case, only the new version of Magisk Manager is all you need. You can install the new version of Magisk Manager and updates things from inside the app. If you haven’t install Magisk before you need to flash the new Magisk and also the Magisk Manager.

Magisk 15.2 Changelogs

  • v15.2
    – [MagiskBoot] Fix dtb verity patches, should fix dm-verity bootloops on newer devices placing fstabs in dtb
    – [MagiskPolicy] Add new rules for proper Samsung support, should fix MagiskHide
    – [MagiskInit] Support non skip_initramfs devices using split sepolicies (e.g. Zenfone 4 Oreo)
    – [Daemon] Use specific logcat buffers, some devices do not support all log buffers
    – [scripts] Update scripts to double check whether boot slot is available, some devices set a boot slot without A/B partitions


  • Make sure that the USB drivers for your Android device are installed on the PC.
  • Follow the below Guide Exactly or else it may lead to brick your device. is not responsible for any damage.
  • Maintain 50-60% battery to prevent sudden shut down between the process.
  • Make sure that you TWRP recovery installed on your device.
  • Take a complete backup of your phone and then proceed.

Disclaimer is not responsible for any hardware/software issues that occur on your device(s) by following this guide. We are certain that the following guide is carefully written, avoiding any mistakes on our side. If you are unsure of the causalities that may occur if the procedure goes wrong, then please don’t proceed.


Steps to Install Magisk v15.2 On Android

Download/Install Magisk v15.2 and Magisk Manager v5.5.3

  1. Save the downloaded Magisk zip file into the device internal storage
  2. Boot your device into TWRP recovery
  3. Make nadndroid back up from the TWRP recovery
  4. Tap on install
  5. Find and select the saved zip file
  6. Seipe button to start flashing process
  7. Once the process is completed reboot the device
  8. Install Magisk Manager apk file

Hope you are clear with the installation guide. If you have any queries please leave a comment below.

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