Download ColorOS 13 Wallpapers in Full-HD Quality

ColorOS 13 is Oppo’s own take on the Android 13 firmware. Recently, the OEM confirmed the release date of its latest custom skin and it will arrive on August 18th. Oppo will be releasing the new skin for eligible phones and the testing phase is already underway for the new skin. A few weeks back, Oppo announced the beta program for the flagship Oppo Find X5 Series.

The OEM is yet to confirm any changes on the upcoming software update but the new skin will integrate with Android 13’s underlying safety and privacy features. There will also be personalization features and Aquamorphic design elements on the new skin. With the upcoming skin, users can also expect cool new wallpapers. In this guide, you’ll get to know about the new ColorOS 13 wallpapers.

ColorOS 13 wallpapers in Full-HD quality

One of the best bits about ColorOS will be the choice of wallpaper, new skin bags, and a unique set of wallpapers. Last year’s version of ColorOS came packed with 17 color wallpapers. Now, the OEM has revealed its ColorOS 13 wallpaper collection. The ColorOS 13 update will bring in 12 new wallpapers and the collection will have minimalist, abstract, and material-based wallpapers. The wallpapers will be 1080×2412 pixels.

Download the latest ColorOS 13 wallpapers

Download ColorOS 13 Wallpapers in Full-HD Quality

Regardless of whether or not you own an Oppo smartphone, you can still try out the latest ColorOS wallpapers on your smartphone. If you want to try your hand at the latest Full-HD quality wallpapers of ColorOS 13, you can download them from the link mentioned below.

Once you’ve downloaded the wallpapers, go to the downloads folder. Then, choose the wallpaper that you want to set on your device’s home screen or lock screen. Open it and tap on the three-dots menu icon for setting the wallpaper.


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