Download GCAM 8.4.600 APK V10 Supports All Android and Multiple Camera Lens

Google Camera was recently updated to build 8.4.600 with full Material You support. While the users are eagerly waiting for the upcoming Pixel 7 device and the Google Camera 9.0 alongside the Android 13 stable version, popular developer BSG has already released a new Gcam 8.4.600 V10 MOD APK that can be ported for all Android devices, Libraries support, and Auxiliary camera lenses. The new Gcam 8.4.600 V10 APK by BSG comes in multiple variants – 6 in total. It’ll come with support for processors from different manufacturers including Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, Exynos MediaTek, and more.

What’s new in the Gcam 8.4.600 V10 APK update?

The developer has added the loading of libraries into the Google Camera app. You’ll be able to run libraries from Google Camera 8.4.400, 8.4.500, and 8.4.600 while it’ll also bring in compatibility for more Android devices. Moreover, the update will add session ID in photo modes while fixing reported errors. There have been changes made from the previous version, including the maximum resolution for photos and videos found in the “Camera photo resolution” menu under camera settings.

It’ll add the number of frames in night mode, fix bugs in the work of modification on some devices, and visualization of the saving process of photos in the top curtain. The update also features Timer Light, an option for disabling Exposure controls, an updated settings menu, and a shortcut. You’ll even be able to find features from the previous update including Astrophotography mode and Night Sight.

Download Gcam 8.4.600 V10 APK by BSG

Download GCAM 8.4.600 APK V10 Supports All Android and Multiple Camera Lens

The Android community has been awaiting the upcoming Pixel 7 Series devices featuring Android 13. While the wait for Gcam 9.0 from Pixel rolls on, in the meantime, you can download the latest Gcam 8.4.600 from the developer BSG and it has been ported for all smartphones running Android 10 and above. There are many variants of the Gcam 8.4 update and you should choose the one that best suits your device and needs.

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