Download and Install Unofficial LineageOS 14.1 on Huawei Y6

Huawei is well-known for their cost-efficient smartphones in the Indian market. The Huawei Y6 is a low-range smartphone released back in July 2015. It runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop and received no further updates from Huawei. But now, with the Unofficial version of this LineageOS users can enjoy Android Nougat on their Huawei Y6. This article will guide you through everything you need to install unofficial LineageOS 14.1 on Huawei Y6.

LineageOS, as you may already know, is the most popular custom ROM out there. It was the successor of the dominant CyanogenMod and belongs to the same family. It is still open source and so anyone in the developer community can contribute to it. That is what made this unofficial LineageOS 14.1 available for the Huawei Y6.

Supported Models

  • SCL-L01 VA
  • SCL-L01 VB
  • SCL-L02 VA
  • SCL-L02 VB
  • SCL-L03 VA
  • SCL-L03 VB
  • SCL-L04 VA
  • SCL-U31 VA

ROM Status

Stable – The ROM is currently very stable but has some known issues that are actively fixed by the developer.

ROM Features

  • Based on LineageOS 14.1 – Android 7.1.1 Nougat flavour.
  • It’s the first Android Nougat ROM released for Huawei Y6.
  • Custom ROM developed for Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor.

Known Issues

  • Camera – autofocus and brightness.
  • DT2W is not working.
  • AudioFX app is not functional.


We at RootMyGalaxy are not responsible in any way for anything caused to your device because of this guide. By following this guide, you agree that you are aware of that and are proceeding at your own risk.

Download Unofficial Lineage OS 14.1 For Huawei Y6

These are the required files that you will need in the procedure. Download them and proceed as instructed below.

LineageOS 14.1 for Huawei Y6 – Download

Gaaps – Download


  • Rooted Huawei Y6.
  • Unlocked bootloader.
  • A custom recovery installed on your device (TWRP preferably).
  • Make sure your device has 60+ percent battery backup.
  • Make sure to take a backup of all the contents before proceeding.
  • This ROM is meant only for Huawei Y6 (Specific models listed above). So do not attempt to flash it on any other devices.

How to Install Unofficial LineageOS 14.1 on Huawei Y6

Unofficial LineageOS 14.1 on Huawei Y6

  • Download both the files we have provided above and transfer them to your Huawei Y6.
  • Make sure you have TWRP recovery if not, install it.
  • Turn off your phone and reboot into recovery mode now by pressing Volume Down + Power key.
  • Once there, select Wipe and perform a wipe on the cache, Dalvik and system.
  • Return to the main screen and select flash, choose the LineageOS 14.1 ROM file that you have transferred to your phone.
  • Flash it and reboot. The very first boot will take a while to complete. You are done now.

That is all for the procedure of installing Unofficial LineageOS 14.1 on Huawei Y6. Hope you found this helpful. If you have any queries, drop a comment below and if you require more assistance, here is the original XDA thread.

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