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Download Mini Gapps for Android Marshmallow 6.0.1

Download Mini Gapps for Android Marshmallow 6.0.1: This is the best GApps size you should download.It comes with all the important GApps like Play store, Gmail, Google Android Shared Services, Google Exchange Services, off-line speech files, Face Detection for Media, Dialer Framework, Face Unlock and etc.

As you will be knowing that most of the AOSP based ROMs such as Lineage OS and others do not come with the Gapps (Google Apps) pre-installed. Whenever you download any custom ROM, you just get the ROM file and you are required to download and install the Gapps separately every time. Today in this post, we will be telling you how you can easily download Google Apps for your Android 6.0+ Marshmallow Smartphones.

Google apps or Gapps as they are referred to, play an important role in the Android Ecosystem especially if the smartphone user is running the device in custom. The Pack of Google Apps contains all the Google Services which act as the middleman between the Google Server and your smartphone. To sum it up, we can say that without Google Play Services which is a fraction of the Gapps package, you will not be able to use any of the Google Apps including Google PlayStore. Your Gapps package not only includes basic applications like Google Chrome, Hangouts, YouTube, and many more apps. There is a variety of Gapps packages. They range from as less as 50 MB to as huge as 400 MB. There are packages like Nano pack, Pico pack, Mega pack, and full pack.

Mini Gapps Package is often preferred by those users who often tend to use limited Google Apps and prefer to download or install apps on their own. In this package, the user will find the core System base, Google Android Shared Services, Google Exchange Services, off-line speech files, Face Detection for Media, Dialer Framework, Face Unlock, and most importantly Google Play Store. One you have Play Store, you can easily install any other apps which you consider to be necessary.

Download Mini Gapps For Android Marshmallow

Mini Gapps pack for Android 6.0.1

How To Install Mini GApps (Marshmallow) On Android Via TWRP Recovery

Download Mini Gapps for Android Marshmallow 6.0.1

  • First, download the right GApps Pack For your device.
  • Now follow the linked guide to Install Gapps Via TWRP Recovery

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