How To Download PUBG for Mobile On Android (APK)

Wondering From Where you can Download PUBG for Mobile On Android (APK)? If you answer is “Yes” then you are in the right place. Finally, after much wait, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds PUBG has been officially released for Android and iOS platforms. Originally, this game was released for PCs and after its immense success, it was decided that a mobile version of this game will be released too. It was first released in China and it became so popular that the prices of graphics card went sky high. In the phase where survival games have become the new trend, PUBG is definitely going to be a big hit.

This Battle Royale foreplay game has a simple concept. There are multiplayer shooters with several randomized variables which challenge you differently in every game. Each game is different from the one before which is what makes you addicted to it and forces you to keep coming back. Even though this game has glaring technical flaws, this game has become one of the most accessible streamlined survival games to date which are available for both Android and iOS platforms. In the beginning, the player will be sent down from an aeroplane and once your player’s feet touch the ground, you need to make a run for your life. You will need to collect weapons and other gear while avoiding getting killed by other contestants. Once you have stockpiled the weapons, sneak up in different areas, spot others, and kill them to become the last man standing.

This game comes with stunning graphics and works really well for mobile devices. However, you will still find frame rate issues which they are addressing. Since it is the initial release, you should expect minor bugs in the game which will definitely be resolved soon. There is no news regarding the International version of PUBG and its release. So, any PUBG lover will have to suffice with the Chinese version until that time. If you are interested in downloading PUBG and playing the Chinese version, then this guide will be very helpful for you.

Note: Now PUBG is officially available on play store, check here

K3V1991, Senior Member of Xda has shared a post about PUBG APK on Xda. He has mentioned “There are two different Games and both Games are from different Developers. One is from Timi Studio and one is from LightSpeed and Quantum. Since its just-released Open Beta Game, you will not find an ENGLISH VERSION of PUBGM yet”.

From Where and How To Download PUBG for Mobile On Android (APK)

Visit the Xda thread here to find all the details about the game for Android. You can download the beta from there.

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