Download Xiaomi Mi A1 Launcher for all Android Devices (Android One Launcher)

Download Xiaomi Mi A1 Launcher for all Android Devices (Android One Launcher APK): So, Congratulations! after reading this post, you all will be able to launch Mi A1 launcher Apk on your Non-Xiaomi device. Basically,Mi A1 is the first Dual-lens Camera phone by Mi and features new technology advancement and a different User Interface.

It was made in partnership with Google in order to promote Android One, the exceptional Android version ever launched by Google. It has a unique UI that everyone wants. Mi A1 interface is not like regular Mi phone with its MIUI but features Pure Android One theme with Google Now Swipe tab on the left side.

After demand from our viewers, we Team@RMG  are here with the  Mi A1 theme Launcher Apk which has been successfully tested by our Team. It is for all the stock Android lovers and for those who want to enjoy Stock Android 7.1.1 without spending a penny for it.So, Let’s start downloading the Launcher Apk.

Don’t worry or hesitate to download and use the Launcher Apk as we have checked it again and again and it has passed on our standards.It has no technical glitch and is 100% safe.

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Steps to Download MI A1 Launcher Apk

  1. Now, Keep a backup your data before following the guide.
  2. Download Mi A1 Launcher Apk from here. (Android One Launcher port by )
  3. Now, connect your Android device from your computer via an  OTG cable.
  4. Copy the launcher your device.
  5. Now, detach the Cable and open the file on your device where you have copied the Apk file.
  6. Click the File and Install the Apk.

By now you all must have got the new Mi A1 Launcher on your Android device with Google Now swipe Tab.

Hope my post helped you all enjoying the pure Android experience.

Have any query? Let us know in the comments section below!

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