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Download XperiFirm | Xperia Firmware Downloader [v5.0.0]

Big News for all the Xperia Users Today, We’ve got an update for the XperiFirm . The XperiFirm | Xperia Firmware Downloader [v5.0.0] is out. This article will provide you all the details regarding it. This would help all the Android nerds and geeks who are always looking to personalise their Xperia devices. New firmware always helps in improving your performance and battery life.  The Xperia Firmware Downloader [v5.0.0] helps to get new firmware on your Xperia device without any hassle. So, you should consider it downloading and trying out for yourself to enhance your phone’s performance. If you have an old version, you should update to this version as this comes with various improvements.

There are features added to improve experiences such as Download management, including a download queue that’s saved on your computer and loaded on launch. Now there is better error handling and prevention. The “Manual” button and “Unpack automatically” are not there anymore, thus were removed in this version.

Also, there’s a  Resuming feature, including checksum verification and automatic re-download of incomplete/corrupted files to avoid such problems. So here’s the Direct link to Download XperiFirm | Xperia Firmware Downloader [v5.0.0]



Download XperiFirm | Xperia Firmware Downloader [v5.0.0]

Download XperiFirm V5.0.0

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Source: Xda Developers

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