Ealyn’s summon Lost Ark Codex

Queen Ealyn is the Archmage and the ruler of Vern. She is best known for accepting people of all religions and races into her country while encouraging the marriage of technology and traditional magic. She is also the leader of the Xeneelan Sylvain’s, who gets banished from Rohendel following the events of the Chain War.

Everything you need to know about Ealyn’s summon

Ealyn's summon Lost Ark Codex


The quests from this group can be completed only once per day.

Required quests

The quest that’ll be required is An Invasion of Chaos.

Prerequisite for the quest

There are a couple of prerequisites for the quests. These prerequisites include –

  • From the North to the South
  • Investigate Candaria’s Holy Statue

Story progress of Ealyn’s Summon

  • You’ll be starting by investigating Candaria’s Holy Statue
  • The Moon Looking at the Sky
  • Eye of the Typhoon
  • Sunset

Description of the quest

As the incident in South Vern has come to a close, Vern’s story is far from over. The player will need to hear Queen Ealyn’s request and then go through the quest.

The objective of the quest

  • The player will have to speak with Queen Ealyn
  • The player will be talking to NPC – Ealyn
  • Examine Ealyn’s message
  • Listen to Ealyn’s thoughts
  • The player will once more Talk to NPC – Ealyn


The rewards from this quest include –

  • XP – 450k
  • Roster XP – 4054
  • Providence stone – 300
  • Silver – 5600

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