How to easily copy the URLs from all the open tabs in your internet browser?

Do you want to close the browser but you’re not yet ready to close all the tabs? Maybe your browser might be getting cluttered as you had too many tabs open or you might want to reclaim the resources of all the open tabs you’re using. Maybe you simply need to reboot Windows? Don’t worry, regardless of the reason to close the tables, you can copy the URLs from the open tabs and save them in a file or even email them to yourself. In this article, you’ll get to know about the methods to copy and save the URLs from the open tabs in your Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera, and other browsers.

Copy the URLs from the open tabs on Chrome, Opera, and Vivaldi

You can use the same extensions in Chrome, Opera, and Vivaldi for copying the URLs from all the open tabs.

TabCopy Extension for copying the URLs

easily copy the URLs from all the open tabs in your internet browser

The TabCopy extension will provide a simple drop-down window containing different options for which sets of URLs to copy and which format they’ll be copied in. You can install TabCopy using one of these links –

Click the TabCopy button on your toolbar for accessing the TabCopy drop-down dialog box. You’ll b able to copy the URL for the selected tab, and copy the URLs for the tabs in the current window, or the open windows. The extension will allow you to copy the URLs in different formats –

  • Expanded – The links will be copied and pasted with the title and URL on separate lines and a blank line between the URL of each tab.
  • Compact – The links will be copied with no extra spacing. Each title and URL will be on the same line separated by a colon. There will be no blank line in between each tab’s URL.
  • Link – It’ll copy the tab URLs as hyperlinks. Ensure that you paste the links into a program that’ll accept hyperlinks like Word. Otherwise, you’ll be getting all the titles of the links and no URLs.

Then, you’ll be able to paste the copied URLs into a program like Word or Notepad and save it. You can even email them to yourself.

Copy URLs extension for copying the URLs

The Copy URLs extension will offer different ways to copy URLs for all the open tabs. Install Copy URLs using one of these links –

This extension will allow you to copy the URLs of all the pages or URLs of specific web pages. For instance, if you’ve got the extensions page open in Chrome, the Copy All URLs option will copy the URL but the Only web-pages option will not.

Under the Export Tabs From option, choose the All Windows or Current (Active) Window. Choose the Format that you want to copy the URLs in. You can also set up your own Custom format. As you’re selecting your settings, the copied URLs will be displayed in the URL list at the top of the dialog box. Once you’ve chosen the settings, click on “Copy to Clipboard”.

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